Slowly August

August continues its languid journey and we are soaking up every moment of it, wishing it slow progress but already all too aware of autumn's approach. The fields around us have been harvested, the apples are rippening and the shops have been full of "Back to School" for weeks.

This morning as I stepped outside and turned my face to the morning sun there was a definite smell of autumn on the wind, it was brief and was quickly replaced by warm sluggish August once more, but it was there, for a moment.

We will not be hurried, every last bit of summer counts. Yesterday, on a whim, we put the roasting joint back in the fridge and headed for the Suffolk coast. A bag laiden with cheese, bread, ham and the most incredible tomatoes. The tomatoes courtesy of our green-fingered neighbours and absolutely brimming with the heady scent of summer; a feast to be eaten on the beach.

We returned home in the early evening, exhilarated and tired from a day spent under clear blue, wide open East Anglian skies. Once more, on a whim, we decided not to hurry the children to bed but instead we lit the chiminea, made cocoa and sat a while admiring August's starry skies.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of year and I know that I will soon be ready and eager to greet it, but not yet. A little longer, a little slower August, please.


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