All is quiet
All is still. The children are back at school and now that my initial heartache has eased I find myself wandering around the house and embracing the still quiet that has enveloped it.

There is this strange feeling of being frozen in time, a life paused. Games lie abandoned mid play. The house and I wait quietly, poised, ready for the clock to strike 3pm and for life to being again.

The sun seeks silent spots among the shadows and rests there a while and I take a moment to notice.

I move around as gently as possible, I need to get the vacuum cleaner out but somehow it seems wrong to shatter the quiet.

We will find our feet, the house and I, we will find our school time rhythm but gently and slowly, we will ease our way in for the stillness is good, it is peace, it is time to think and plan and sharpen our pencils so to speak.


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