Pleated happiness

Now I do realise that a pale blue linen dress may be a little out of season as autumn gathers pace around us, but I've been meaning to sew up the Oliver & S Birthday Party Dress for quite some time and hope that by making the age 8 size there will still be a little wear left in this dress come next Spring and Summer.

And I am so glad I made the dress, even if it isn't very se

All the little details that distinguish an Oliver & S pattern. The pleats took time and careful attention but just look at them, how pleased I am to have created those perfect, even pleats.

I love the button back and hem facing, I like the careful way this pattern pieces together.

Of course, should you not have any birthday parties to attend, this dress is equally good for jumping in. In fact, you may even find that you jump a little higher than usual.


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