If whilst making fudge you happen to leave the room to fetch a book it is almost guaranteed that finding that book will take longer that you thought. It will almost never be on the shelf you expect it to be on and you will spend too many minutes scanning and gazing, perhaps suddenly noticing another book and pausing to take it down a flick through.

You will think you were only a moment gone but on return the sugar thermometer will tell you otherwise.

So keep a clear head and calmly turn off the heat. Continue as planned and pour into prepared tin.

Some time later bash the shiny, solid mass like crazy with the end of the rolling pin.........

and call it caramel.

Congratulate oneself on being so wonderfully domesticated as to have a jar of shiny cracked caramel on hand to scatter on a dish of ice-cream.

And make a private note to buy more fudge ingredients tomorrow.


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