Come on in autumn

You are finally welcome. The weather feels well and truly turned at last, my scarves are heavier and the fire has been lit several times. It has taken me a while to feel ready to give up on summer and feel positive about the changing season but it happened this weekend.

Today the kitchen felt a little chilly when I came down in the early morning, the day is grey and wet (I had almost forgotten what rain was in this strangely parched corner of England) and yet I find myself surprisingly happy about it. Because of course, autumn is such a very good season. There are still more damsons to be picked and grape jelly has been added to the ever-growing pile of preserves in my pantry. The sloes are ripening along the hedgerows and I look forward to preparing this years vintage of sloe gin.

The thought of curling up by the fire is suddenly a good one and the blankets that drape the arm of each chair are already in regular use.

Of course there are still great outdoor days to be had in autumn and the walks around here take us through apple laiden orchards, the air is rich and heavy with the smell of the fruit and I find myself hankering for mulled cider and apple pie. The best part of being outdoors in autumn is the promise of returning to a cosy house.

So come on in Autumn, I am ready now, my knitting ignites me once more, the pleasure of thick, warm yarn on my lap, the smell of baking in a steamy kitchen and woodsmoke. I am ready to pull up a chair, close the curtains and be glad of Autumn.


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