Looking down
Since moving to Suffolk I have spent a great deal of time looking up. I find the landscape different and dare I say, less inspiring than North Wales, it can be so flat and vast and there seem to be less trees gennerally but it more than excuses itself with those big East Anglian skies which are a
pleasure to gaze at. As I round the bend into the village there is a particular view that always catches my eye, one of these days I may even get around to photographing this view where sky meets and intersection of two fields with their different colours, the view is perfectly framed between two properties and I can see this same view from a different angle at the bottom of my garden. It is a good view and I love to look at this piece of sky each day and see how it is changed. Often through the summer it was wide and blue and sometimes strange clouds seem to pause just here as though waiting to be painted.

This last week the sky has been resolutely grey and ominous, doing little to make me smile.

But today I cast my eyes downwards as I finally faced up to the fact that the grass should most certainly be cut, it has grown more in these last weeks than it grew all summer and getting to the washing line was beginni
ng to require wellies and a scythe, like some sort of laundry laiden grim reaper. I got out the mowing beast and turned me eyes downwards and before I knew I had forgotten the grey skies above. Each time I stopped to empty the beast I would be momentarily distracted by the leaves all around and my world felt full of colour once more.

I was rather missing the Welsh Autumn and my views of tree studded hillsides where great swarthes of crimson, orange, sienna and every tone in between could be viewed but how wrong I have been for now I see that there is colour everywhere here in Suffolk, the browns of newly ploughed fields meet the acid greens of the newly sown, there are trees of course, not so many but how good they are and under these big Suffolk skies they glow with colour, illuminated by those occasional breaks in the clouds. The berries are everywhere and similarly jewel like. I have much to appreciate I just needed to look down.


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