Tissue anyone?
I have a cold, a real shocker of a cold. In fact I this is my second cold in four weeks which seems ridiculous. As I have mentioned before in this space, I am not good at being ill. I feel enormously resentful of any germ that settles upon my body and most of the time I enjoy excellent health but yesterday my nose dripped so much that I thought about giving up on tissues and just tying a bucket around my neck.

I am sorry, that was an unpleasant thought but honnestly it was terrible.

It has crossed my mind that perhaps moving to Suffolk has made me vulnerable to a whole new set of germs and I just need to build up my resistance. This is my third heavy cold since moving here and it's not quite 5 months yet! This really does seem excessive to me but much as I would like to blame the new germs of Suffolk I know that sadly, in my heart of hearts, it probably has a whole lot more to do with my not exercising enough of late. It seems to me that I am whole lot healthier when I exercise, I am not talking about being a gym bunny (I am long way away from ever being any sort of a gym bunny) but just a manageble mix of yoga, walking and maybe the odd Davina workout when I need to break a bit more of a sweat. Regularity is crucial for me, if I fall out of the routine it just seems so very hard to get back in there.

So today, with my nose dripping a little less, in spite of feeling really pretty rubbish I did some exercise and I already feel stronger, mentally and physically.

And therefore I feel absolutely justified in eating one of these.

Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, recipe here. Mouthpuckeringly dry, salty and sweet, a very good thing.


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