Small things

Today began blanketed in a wintry fog. I am not at all fond of foggy days, those dull, dim and unremittingly grey winter days. However as I returned from the school drop I was surprised to see that the wide East Anglian skies were doing their very best to excuse the fog. Where the big Suffolk sky meets the flat, open landscape below was all obscured, thrown into misty soft focus
but the trees and hedgerows in my immediate, eyeline were thrown into sharp, colourful relief. The coppery beeches, red and orange leaves not yet fallen, branches glistening and conker coloured. All these colours made sharp and bright against their soft-focus background, a sort of Bokeh effect.

So I forgave the fog and thought about some of the little things that make life good. This time last year we had some big worries and a great many things going on, not least The Technical Advisor's forthcoming redundancy. Here we are almost a year later, on the other side of the country (in fact a different country come to that) and we still have some unresolved worries and concerns but those are the things that we cannot alter for the moment and therefore, as I see it, there is simply no point in spending all our time worrying about those things, the things that are big and blurry and hard to take charge of. Our time is better spent enjoying the little things, the things that are sharp and bright in the forefront of our vision. The things that make us glad.

And we have so much to be glad for. Our coughs and colds are gone in time for Christmas and we feel fit and ready for the festivities ahead. This weekend we will find our tree and the enjoy the thrill of opening the boxes of decorations, the excitement of unwrapping those baubles and trinkets and the excitement of re-discovering forgotten treasure.

Tilly was promoted from Angel number 5 to Mary in last night's school nativity and money just couldn't buy those seven year old smiles.

By my bedside I have a vase of fresh flowers, they make me feel pampered and raise a smile each time they catch my eye. Bought cheaply at the market and supplemented by some stems from the garden.

And of course the knitter can always find something to be glad of, I recently began working on this Libby Sweater by Leslie of A Friend to Knit With. Gorgeous, muted tweedy yarn and a well written pattern.


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