Documenting the days

Like many of us I want to embrace the "picture a day" project once more. For a great deal of 2009 I did take a picture but I didn't always do much with them, I would haphazardly take them off the memory card and leave them gathering virtual dust in virtual folders.

2:365 the warmth of a winter fire.

But how satisfying it is to look back on daily photographs and how much there is to be gained from looking at the ordinary parts of a life through a lens. Lifting a camera and looking for something to photograph is such a positive thing to do, such a good way to celebrate our lives.

I am starting out again this year and may post here, may post there, I will try to keep it up but won't cry about missing a day, just pick up my camera and start again.


Lina said…
I did a photo a day project last year and LOVED it! I think, all in all, I missed about ten days only. And, yeah, somedays the photo was just a crappy one snapped up before I went to bed, but still. It's already nice to look back on my year :) And since I carried my camerea with me everywhere, always, I captured a lot more than just a photo a day for the project, most days.

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