no apologies

I have written about these before but I make no apologi
es for mentioning them a gain. It's early February and winter is yet to take the hint and leave us be so I keep baking. Baking my way through the cold, grey days, bringing sweet delight to warm our souls.

Peanut butter and chocolate tick all the boxes. Salty, sweet and squidgy, does it get any better?

Blondies from the excellent Bake by Rachel Allen. I have certainly mentioned this book before, it's a good one. I fully recommend the soda bread recipe too, I am dipping hot buttered slices of it into lentil & bacon soup at this very moment. Oh warm winter lunch, how I love thee.

Hmmm, winter had better leave soon or my hips will be firmly wedged in this chair!


Thimbleanna said…
Wow. These look delicious. And your pictures are just gorgeous!!!
I bought this book, and cooked these blondies, on your recommendation as they looked so scrumptious. I have just eaten my third of the day, so no more! Delish! Thanks for the tip.

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