Sudbury silks and signs of Spring

This morning I saw snowdrops on the way to school, my heart leapt at the sight and in my mind I went briefly back to Wales and thought of my little hillside there which is no doubt covered in snowdrops right now, although they may not be quite ready to flower but poised, on the point.

We had more snow yesterday and the days remain cold and grim but the memory of a strong sunny day last week is still in my memory, combine that with the sight of snowdrops and other bulbs ready to burst and I know that the back of winter is broken. The only way is up.

Of course whilst the air remains cold scarves are still a necessity and clearly the man who gives his wife eighty pink roses deserves a beautiful scarf.

Based on the Denise Schmidt patchwork scarf once again.

This time a more masculine take. I made the whole thing narrower and longer and used many, many strips.

The fabrics thrill me. Tie silks in so many colours and patterns. This area of Suffolk has strong historical links with the weaving and silk industry and Stephen Walters and Son continue to prosper in Sudbury, my local town. I was much too excited to discover their fantastic mill shop where you can buy tie silk by the half metre or indulge in a lucky dip bag of off-cuts for just a few pounds. My head buzzes with possibilities, I love these tie silks, they make my heart beat faster. I have a rather alarming urge to turn them into curtains and definitely a dress.

But for the moment I contained my excitement in this scarf. There are some daring flashes of colour, a little purple, some bright pink but plenty of sombre navy and all backed with a sombre pinstripe to balance it out.

I'm afraid the Technical Advisor has not been paying proper attention to America's Next Top Model. He proves a rather unwilling model, so I snatched what shots I could.

I must also draw your attention to the hand-knitted hat upon his head and tell you that on this half-term trip to London I had one of those thrilling moments, that only a knitter can fully appreciate, when I realised that all of us were wearing hand-knitted hats. Oh happy day.


Magic Cochin said…
Hi - lovely to have another Suffolk blogger leave comment over on PPPs. I have a stash of Vanners silk in my studio - aren't we lucky!

I've popped Poshyarns on my blog list.
Snowdrops are abloom in Powys, even at 1000ft, but it is so very cold. Suffolk has much to commend it - never seen a cheerfully pink house here!
Lovely man-scarf!!!
kristina said…
How wonderful to be able to buy tie silks. So many project possibilities! The scarf looks fabulous.

And very impressed re the handknitted hats. I still haven't gotten round to that one I promised G at Christmas...

K x
Margaret said…
Many years ago I worked for a tie company in California, Robert Talbott Ties. We got to take home left over pieces of fabrics--they were so beautiful. And many were from Macclesfield. I made a quilt from them, which I love, but my husband does not--although he tolerates it.

Your scarf is lovely. And nice hats!
Elizabeth said…
A lovely silk scarf!
I can't wait to see the dress.
TA said…
A Dress! Surely a Tie would be the next project...
martha said…
No snowdrops yet, just a foot of snow still. I'm hoping the spring bulbs will come up in time for Easter. Wouldn't that be lovely?

What a lucky husband to get such a fantastic scarf. Mine won't wear scarves, and his poor gloves are languishing on the needles. But,my heart leaps a little when I see all of us in our handknit hats as well.
Willow said…
O happy day, when the sun is shining brightly, people are wearing handknit hats and hand sewn scarves! I am sure I would have an entire closet stuffed with silk remnants if I had easy access to Sudbury!
Charity said…
What a great scarf - he must be thrilled! :o)
Lovely silk scarf and yay for handknit hats!
kim said…
Oh, my gosh! As I was reading this, MY heart was thumping. It's gorgeous! I love the idea of silk ties. Now I am regretting that I tossed a bag full of them that my aunt gave me. Not that I sew. but I might... Oh, and the hat? I wondered right to the end if you had mad it. It's fabulous.
Shelley in SC said…
Love this scarf. So unique and very cool on your uncooperative model : ).
Anonymous said…
I can't comment on signs of spring - we are waiting signs of autumn!

We have plenty of my husbands old ties around - I can't bear to part with them despite not having any conceivable use for them (apart from dyeing easter eggs).
Krawuggl said…
This is the most beautiful idea for a men´s scarf and deep from my heart I thank you so very much for this design. Since 3 years my husband is now looking for the perfect scarf, a woolen cashmere is gorgeous next to the skin but not so very durable on men´s skin with some stubbles here and there. At every end of winter the scarf is ruined and I already thought about knitting a new one for next Christmas. But now you gave me a much much better idea. (And your husband is modelling really nicely, I especially love that he is wearing a jacket to the scarf and your handknitted hat, because this is exactly the way I want my husband to look)
Thanks again for this great suggestion, your pictures are safed already in my gift-file. (Only bad, that we haven´t such a great tie silk fabric here, too.)
With my very best wishes, have a lovely and hopefully sunny day,
Lizzie said…
Wow! - I'd be amazed if we were actually all wearing hats...let alone homemade ones!
Cybèle said…
I didn't realise you were living so close to me Rebecca - I'm about 15 mins from Sudbury (Bury is closer for me but we do swimming lessons in Sudbury). If you ever fancy a coffee and an Archers gossip, then give me a shout.
My neighbour works for one of the silk weavers in Sudbury, not sure which one, he designs fabrics for them - can you imagine! dream job! Their curtains are all his designs, gorgeous.
Love the scarf, specially as it goes so well with the hat.
Cybèle said…
Forgot to say, if you need a daffodil fix in a few weeks' time, you must head to Nowton Park on the outskirts of Bury. They have a very old avenue which turns into a yellow carpet every spring. I was there this morning and some of them have buds already. Will be a few weeks yet before they bloom but it's worth a visit. It normally makes the Bury Free Press.
Linda said…
Thats such a great scarf, I love the colour combination. We have a couple of Snowdrops in the garden but I need to plant more clumps. I wish spring would hurry up.
alice c said…
How nice to meet the Technical Advisor or as we shall now refer to him "The man who gave his wife 80 pink roses and made all her friends sigh with admiration".
MRS MJW said…
Boy, you've been busy. Lovely photos as usual Rebecca.

i absolutely love the scarf. the pop of colors. that feel warm yet "springy" and absolutely handsome. and happy.

and i SO get the! look! we are all wearing knitted hats moment! such a fulfilling moment!

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