Going nowhere and doing nothing

I loved reading this recent post on Raining Sheep, I was interested in the things that shape someone else's day and it got me thinking about my own weekend pleasures and rituals.

My favourite weekend ritual is a slowly paced Saturday morning breakfast, sometimes pancakes, sometimes eggs, maybe something altogether more exotic. Breakfasts that take a little longer to prepare and can be enjoyed at a slower, more relaxed pace than during the week, breakfasts that are more of a pleasure and less like re-fuelling. After the children leave the table I tend to sit on for a while, in no great hurry to tidy up, sipping coffee and perhaps reading a book or flicking through a magazine while the radio hums in the background.

I must confess that my very favourite weekends are often the ones were that involve going nowhere and doing nothing. Last Saturday I did not leave the house once, it rained an incredible amount and the house was warm and cosy. I did nothing more taxing than help Tilly bake a cake and then let her lose with the decorating materials.

To my great surprise she was rather restrained, I decided to reign in my control freak side and let her run with it so it was quite a relief to see that she had exercised considerable contol in the matter of pimping her cake.


Barb said…
I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only person who tries NOT to leave the house on weekends! Tilly is a doll, and her cake is lovely!
I love a day when no member of the family needs to start a car, when the fire gets lit early, though not too early, in the morning, when we share thoughts of what we have been reading by that fire, over hot chocolate and warm cake. I love a weekend when we walk with friends and talk with family. I love a weekend when we garden until dusk.
Ali said…
She looks so focused - and the idea of not leaving the house for a day sounds like heaven.
dottycookie said…
A day if staying at home sounds like pure luxury - and if it ends up with a cake, so much the better!
cathleen said…
I go for days without leaving my house. Especially right now. Doing nothing and being content is the best kind of day. Can I borrow Tilly to bake a cake for me please? What a sweet little angel!
I love your phrase 'going nowhere doing nothing' - exactly my idea of a good weekend :) and cake is always good too!
Jane said…
Ah we've a go nowhere do nothing weekend coming up and i'm looking forward to it very much. Love the concentration on Tilly's face and a delicious looking cake. Jane x
Linda said…
I too love those sorts of days, especially if its raining as then there is really no need to go out!

Shelley in SC said…
Aaah, you've made me long for a go nowhere, do nothing weekend. And I can't imagine the delight it would bring to my 6 yo's heart to let her decorate a cake "all by herself." I just love the peaceful tone of your blog!
t does wool said…
just staying home~~I love to do that~
raining sheep said…
Weekends at home are my VERY FAVORITE THING. I loved hearing about the rythms of your weekend and I loved seeing that cake. I also must have a breakfast and coffee on the weekends, it's just the right thing to do.
kim said…
If I had a kitchen like that, I don't think I'd ever leave the house.
Jane said…
I love staying home. That cake looks so good!
Going nowhere is my favorite weekend activity too.
I love the polka dot coffee mug below!
How lovely ! Sitting sipping coffee while a beautiful cake is decorated for you . You're training her well .
Mind you , you made the beautiful cake in the first place , I should imagine . So really you deserved it !
reading this just made me so happy.

LOVE your kitchen. and these photos.
Tabiboo said…
This sounds like my perfect weekend - minus the rain that is, but cosying up and enjoying the simply pleasures.....just perfect.

Nina x

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