This weekend
This weekend last we travelled north a little way and met with the dearest of friends to celebrate a 50th birthday. I find it hard to believe that my friends are turning 50, it seems like only yesterday we met. Life moves so very fast these days.
We enjoyed some very good food, toasted in style and I am afraid some of us (mmm, that would be me) drank too much wine.....

Friends, old and new, found common ground, talked and laughed. And laughed and laughed. Absent friends were missed fondly.

A group of people all linked to each other in some small way, all friends of the birthday boy. The writer bantered with the apple buyer, the Icelandic beauty laughed with the racing driver, the lady with the very surprising job in television made the blogger shriek with hysterical memories of childhood ballet festivals. People from different corners of the world swapped tales with neigbours and ex-neighbours and the 50 year old sometime surfer looked forward to his seventy-fifth and perhaps hoped that he might just get his De-Lorean by then.

Children, some of whom had never met and others who grow and change so much between each meeting, played and ran as though they had been together for years.

Dogs fell in love (but perhaps the less said about that the better).

Not a do nothing, go nowhere weekend but certainly the best of alternatives.

I was rather thrilled to see that Fairy liquid had returned to its original bottle design in honour of its own 50th anniversary, I remember many childhood crafting moments with this bottle at their heart, it was everything from a castle turret to a space rocket and once, perhaps my earliest crafting memory, it became Dougal, the Magic Roundabout dog.


dottycookie said…
It sounds like a lovely alternative to the quiet weekend.

I don't remember ever making anything with a washing up bottle - well, other than water sprayers, of course!
Willow said…
The two weekends were quite a contrast. You'll need another one going nowhere and doing nothing so you can rest after that birthday party!
Linda said…
That sounds wonderful, such a range of people to chat with.
Shelley in SC said…
Loving your memories of sweet times of "reconnecting" over the years. Never heard of this "fairy" product. What is it?
Eva said…
Thanks for a lovely report of our fabulous weekend together and a nice comment about my good looks! Well, assuming your talking about me and not Ragnar?! Think you need to see Specsavers though, there is something wrong with your eyes.... See you soon hopefully!
Ali said…
Good times! Though all my Dougals were made from toilet roll tubes.
anne said…
again you have made me smile - thank you. it seems you are not alone in missing the old fairy bottle - other bloggers are with you! you just cant make anything out of the silly new shape!!
Thimbleanna said…
Boy, can you ever describe a scene -- that was so fun to read! I loved the section describing the interaction between the attendees by their occupations. Sounds like a wonderful time!
What is Fairy Liquid? Glue? Your party sounds lovely! If we did nothing every weekend, it would lose it's allure.
Sounds like you had a fab weekend.

So glad to see the return of the white Fairy liquid bottle. Now I can have another go at making a Blue Peter pencil case.
Carolyn said…
Such a contrast to your "at home" weekends - but sounds as though it was huge fun. I love those occasions with good friends when you laugh til it hurts, talk about everything under the sun, and thank your lucky stars you have such great people in your life.

Glad to see the old Fairy bottle back too ;)

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