Girl interrupted

An unintentional pause in words and pictures. Easter intervened, a week of rushed cleaning in preparation for the holidays (why oh why do I clean the house before the children get off school??? )

A few quick words now and then back to normal production tomorrow.
I loved all your comments, so many words of encouragement and praise, so many voices from around the world.

I could have used a random number generator but that wouldn't be nearly so much fun for my assistants and I wouldn't get to show off the boy's clean fingernails, such a rare event that they should definitely be celebrated with a photograph.

So here we go, the winner is......

Blogger Nina said...

Mmmmm fairy cakes. I seem to be baking more for the football terraces than anything else at the moment, but I'm sure that some non-iced fairy cakes would soften the blow of impending relegation! Thank you for your lovely photos.

Monday, March 29, 2010 10:28:00 AM

Nina, please email me with your details so I can send off your surprise package, no fairy cakes I'm afraid, but hopefully something equally pleasant.


Krawuggl said…
Beautiful pictures, and I especially love the yellow sweater, looks like it is a much loved item. Congratulations to Nina!
PS: Cleaning the house seems a neverending story to me, especially before the holidays. How could so much grass, earth, tiny bits, crumbles and dog hairs cover the floor in so less time again and again?
Arianwen said…
Congratulations to Nina! I am not sure why we clean before they are off. I have just blitzed mine again! It is amazing how much mess can be made in a couple weeks of them being home!
martha said…
Congrats to Nina! Very fun.

Do you use a fountain pen?

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