Getting technical

Somehow or another I found myself turning 40 a few weeks ago. How this came to be still seems something of a puzzle to me, it really does seem only yesterday that I was 30 but a decade has rushed by trailing me in its wake. I do not feel 40 and I am not sure that I have gained the sort of wisdom and gravitas that a lady of 40 should have.

I am very much still the sort of person who might leave the house with her skirt tucked into her knickers and I am not sure that should still be happening at 40.

Now I think I am a pretty easy person to buy for, any trinket, junk, antique, fabric, accessory, gallery type shop is sure to yield at least half a dozen things which I would certainly be over the moon with and The Technical Advisor knows me well. One of the first things he ever bought me was a coffee machine but he learned his lesson well and I cannot think of a disappointment since, he particularly shines in the jewellery department.

This year he went technical. A definite risk, yes. I am not a ga
dget girl. I have owned a mobile phone for about ten years now, it has most certainly never been the latest model, it has often been The Techical Advisor's cast off, I have never known the number and rarely kept it charged. I could not have easily told you the make of any of the phones I owned and you could certainly count upon fingers and toes the quantity of text messages I have ever sent.

So you might think he was taking a chance by giving me an iPhone for my birthday!

But The Technical Advisor judged me well. I do so love this phone. I think Apple designed this phone just for people like me - a whole previously untapped market, the non-technical housewife type. I can text now, because Apple make it easy to add correct punctuation. I can listen to music. I have the Waitrose app and I recently completed Angry Birds. The BBC iPlayer app means I can catch up on The Archers whenever I need to and my Met office app means my need to continually check the weather forecast is easily met. I even kind of like that The Technical Advisor gave me a spirit level app.

And of course, I love, love that my new toy really rather lends itself to being sewn for.


mooncalf said…
Many happy returns!

I hope you don't think me rude but I wonder if you used a tutorial or anything to make your iPhone cover.

I only ask because I'm about to mail an iPod Touch to my dad tomorrow (it is his 65th birthday on Friday) and I think it would be nice if I made something to go with it. I could have a go myself of course but yours looks perfect and had the headphone section.

Anyway, congratulations! Have a wonderful day!
Magic Cochin said…
Happy Birthday!

I'm nearly one decade on - and I think I now know what I want for my birthday!

dottycookie said…
I'm much like you with mobiles - or at least I was until my version of the Technical Advisor gave me his cast off HTC Hero when he went for an upgrade.

Oh. My.

I've become one of those people who is always playing games and checking email on the bus.

Belated happy birthday to you!
Cornflower said…
I never thought I'd be saying this but I would rather like an iPhone, and I love your cover!
Ali said…
Happy Birthday (belatedly!). I think you're spot on about the clever marketing peeps at Apple. My laptop died recently and I was so hacked off with the PC World's technical mumbo jumbo relating to laptops and lack of interest in what I actually wanted as the user of my machine, I gave in and got a MacBook. And I am in love.
rachel said…
Happy belated birthday! Now, if you want a very silly, hysterical laugh with your women friends, get yourself the FatBooth App. Don't let anyone NOT join in......
Happy birthday! And speaking from experience the 40s are great, fun years. I'm enjoying mine even more than my 30s and possibly even my 20s. Looking 50 in the face is a little scary, but hey it happens to everyone sometime and the alternative is worse. Don't you find it a little astonishing to find yourself grown up? I certainly do!
silverpebble said…
Oh happy birthday - I still have 18 months to go until that one, but strangely I'm less daunted by it than I was. I identify with the knickers in the skirt, I really do.

I envy your iphone, and its chic cover.

Did you eat lots of cake?
martha said…
Happy birthday! I hope that you had a wonderful day! I've heard the iphone converts people to loving their cell phone. Of course, I don't know that from experience... But the cover you've seen is so sweet.
Dragonfly said…
Welcome to the wonderful world of the 40's!

I am totally in love with my iPhone - the app store is a dangerous place...
t does wool said…
Happy Birthday...and wishes for a fabulous year~
craftoholic said…
Happy belated Birthday!!!

What a great gift, I too love Apple products, they're so intuitive.
Happy Belated Birthday! Welcome to the forties!
We don't have an iphone yet but my daughter recently got an ipod and my oh my, it's such a fun and cool gadget. First thing she downloaded was the bible :)
I have to confess that I am slightly addicted to the cookie dozer game too :)
Have fun with it!
nicole said…
Happy birthday! I also turned 40 earlier this year, and I have to say that it is a good time!

Score on the birthday present, I must say. I'm green with envy. And I really love the cover you've made for it!
Gina said…
Oh dear... I'm over 50 and still have problems with my skirt tucked in my knickers! Belated happy birthday. The I phone does look very tempting even to a technophobe like me.
Cyb√®le said…
Happy birthday! It's my 40th later this year and I'm dreading it. Not sure why, I don't feel old, but 40 just sounds so old. I remember coming to Britain as an 18 year old and living with a family where the parents were early 40s. And I felt that was a million years away. And now I'm there myself and I don't feel it's a million years since I was 18, so surely they can't have been *that* old, can they...?
I'm just getting back to listening to The Archers now that the kids are back at school and don't interfere with my radio station. Didn't realise how much I'd actually missed it!
Mac n' Janet said…
Happy Birthday. Add me as one of those nontechnical people who carried their cell phone in the car to be used in emergencies. I didn't know my cellphone number, never gave that number to anyone.
Then last month I got a Smart Phone, an HTC Aria, and how things have changed. I use it for the internet, for facebook to take pix, I love it, I even know my phone number. LOL
Firefly said…
What a sweet little iphone cover! Like you, I'm not very 'techy' either and have certainly never loved a phone before, but I do worship and adore my iphone -- totally addicted ;).
TD wool design said…
happy birthday! and that's an adorable cover for a big girl gift! (i don't feel my forty something age either)
enjoy! i love mine!
Jane said…
First of all, Happy belated birthday! You will LOVE your iphone! Love the little case that you made for it! enjoy!
kristina said…
Happy belated birthday! I never thought I'd want a mobile phone (one of the last holdouts) but I'm falling more and more in love with the iphone. Maybe Christmas? And even better with the super cover!

K x
Bee said…
Are you marketing these, by any chance?

And by the way, I'm pretty sure that after 40 you are even MORE likely to have your skirt tucked into your knickers.
Your i-phone cover is so gorgeous! Happy birthday and enjoy the new decade. I'll catch up at the end of the year! ;-)
Jackie said…
This is a rather belated comment but I can see that you did have a happy 40th birthday. I just wanted to say that I am in the previoulsy unheard of state of having the most up to date phone (And laptop) in my family..exactly like yours, and I'm very grateful to you for alerting me to the iplayer app.
40 is a good age to be, 59 is not. I can assure you.

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