The fading light

Incredibly the clocks went back this weekend and the resulting manipulation of my days makes the shift from autumn to winter feel inevitable. I am not quite ready, I was loving autumn with its warm golden light. Yesterday we seemed barely home from school than the light was fading and it was time to draw the curtains and light the lamps.

I must adjust.

November, one of those grim, grey months, it is always linked in my mind with January and February. None of the cheer and excitement of December, the leaves are deserting the trees, the light is fading by the day. A transition sort of month.

I have knitting to accompany me though so it's not all bad and once one accepts the day is gone you may as well light the fire and embrace the evenings, needles to hand, perhaps a little House to watch, a cup of chai at elbow.

A Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. Sadly not being knitted in glorious Madeline Tosh Vintage but instead I am using the much more economical Cascade 220. I am not too sad about the yarn substitution, in fact I am rather in love with Cascade 220. So many colours! Yes, I know, all those colours and I choose this very reserved shade of blue, it is being knit to match several things and Miss Tilly loves blue. It really is a splendid yarn though, squishy and satisfyingly woolly so I shall certainly explore the colours more thoroughly in future projects.


Laura said…
What a lovely, soft colour! Your Tiny Tea Leaves will look fantastic.

I feel the same way about the darkness. I just can't get used to leaving for work in the pitch black!
silverpebble said…
Wow, those are some very fancy and fabulous pumkins. I'n trying to adjust too. A trip to the park helped at 4 o'clock.
Helen Philipps said…
I agree - as soon as the hour changes it feels much more wintry. Your blue wool looks lovely, such a great shade to go with lots of other colours. And what impressive carved pumpkins! I really love the spooky house with the ghost!
Have a cosy week.
Helen x
dottycookie said…
I seem to be alone in not minding November. January, I detest, but November just seems comforting and full of log fires and warm drinks.

I'll get bored with it soon ;-)
Bethany Hissong said…
I think that color of blue is so pretty. It's like water in a tropical location. I don't know why daylight savings time is a week sooner in Europe than in the United States? I'm looking forward to a little more light in the mornings. I guess I have an advantage to loving November because it's my birthday this week and I look forward to it every year!
Shelley in SC said…
Oh, yes, that time change really cements the fact that winter has come. Your cozy knitting looks comforting, and the carved pumpkins are fabulous! Our time hasn't changed yet over in US. One more week, I think, before we join you in the dark and somber evenings!
Tabiboo said…
I caught The Little House mid way through last night - mad as a hatter methinks.

I use to get so depressed in November - now I try and embrace it as it gracefully flutters away to the excitement and merryment of December and Christmas - January and February are a totally different story though!

Nina xxx
Magic Cochin said…
I'm with dottycookie - I rather like November... dark late afternoon in my studio or evenings knitting with a snuggly cat trying to help ;-)

That wool is lovely... very tempted to buy lots!

cathleen said…
A very pretty post, Rebecca. The yarn is lovely too. Tilly will look lovely in this blue. Stay cozy!
Jane said…
I so love tea leaves! and that's the color I made mine out of. I've begun my hibernation too...with lots of knits on the needles and in the queue.
Charity said…
This colour is fabulous! Tiny Tea Leaves is going to be wonderful - such a great pattern. Love the pumpkins! :o)
Frances said…
Bravo on those beautifully lit pumpkins!

Our clocks do their "fall back" routine this weekend. Two days in, our November days have been so beautiful! And I've also been filling free hours with lots of knitting. And baking. Much more appealing now than during those hot summer New York days.

Best wishes.
Willow said…
How I wish there was a little girl in my life right now so I could knit her a tiny tea leaves cardi!

I'm no fan of November either although it is not the cruelest month.
kristina said…
That blue is gorgeous! It's going to be a lovely cardigan. And I'm still struggling to adjust to the change in light too. Sigh.

K x
Krawuggl said…
The now so soon fading light at the afternoons is what I love on one side and hate on the other. It is lovely that the cosy evenings, with much sooner prepared dinner and then one more hour left for knitting or crochet at the evening is what makes me happy every year the clocks are switches back, but the stumbling home through the woods just yesterday wit no daylight anymore, because I completely forgot that at 5pm it is nearly dark now, makes our afternoons so short now, lunch-time just passes by, a short walk with Anni, and that it was, our summer and autumn precious comfortable afternoons in the garden.
What is wonderful is the colour of your yarn and I am sure that also grown-up girls would love to have such a vibrant cardi, especially now whith the fading daylight.
nicole said…
I really love that shade of blue. Cascade 220 is a very lovely yarn. Great value!

I think I'm a bit weird, because I love the look of November. I love the outline of the bare tree branches against a a fiery sunset, the first mornings when everything is covered in frost, the quiet, soft tones of a slumped meadow. Perhaps it's also that I love that "tucked in" feeling, with my knitting and a hot cuppa.
Kai said…
This cardigan is going to be absolutely gorgeous. I love the colour!

I also want to say that Miss Tilly is wearing my favourite colour in a previous!! Yummy Red! :) She looks adorable.

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