Leaf love

The weather has turned quite cold and several hard frosts have seen the last of the leaves fall to the ground. This morning as I walked thro
ugh the woods I crunched through those leaves turned crisp with frost, their edges glistening below the low November sun. The dogs scampered and ran, their energy high, glad to be out on a cold, dry day.

I did not mean to leave the blog so long, the days are passing quickly at the moment, I cannot ignore the approach of December, the mad month. I
have been busy too, there has been a great deal of sewing and knitting.

The sewing has been mostly orders but this little brooch was the result of some very satisfactory mending. A friend showed me her ripped skirt and after failing to come up with any suitable fabric with which to make a good invisible mend it occurred to me that a little complimentary patch might work. I rather liked the result and decided to sew up a brooch along the same lines.

And then I made a few more as gifts and of course I just had to have one for my green coat.

I have added a few to my Etsy shop too, just in case anyone else needs a little leafy adornment.


Tabiboo said…
They are beautiful - forget Winter these are just so cheery.

Nina x
Shelley in SC said…
Love the patch on the skirt!! So resourceful and creative :).
Ali said…
So perfect on your lovely green coat. And hasn't the sunshine been a gift?
Charity said…
These are great - nicely done!
Anonymous said…
Oh I like the leaves - very nice :D
Your photography is exquisite, as is your blog. Really glad I found it. Thanks for stopping by at a year above the shop, hope to see you again.
PS I got the same cooking pot for my wedding, it is a thing of beauty and soul, isn't it?
kristina said…
Oh your brooches are wonderful and that one looks just perfect on your coat. And I think the leaf patch really adds to the skirt--I reckon it's even better now than before the tear.

K x
hi, you!
love your leafy treasures.
you are so right about the time. it marches on so fast i can hardly believe it.
love thinking about your dogs on your walk... as i do almost every time i load trouble into the car.
Tillybud said…
Ooh they are so lovely. What a good idea!
Monica said…
beautiful... now we need snowflakes though!!
Bethany Hissong said…
I love how you left the edges a little rough and the stitching a little like an illustrative line! And I love it against the pattern of the skirt! You have such a creative eye!!!
Paula said…
What a wonderful gift to be given, I really like those Autumn colours.

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