Almost there

My head seems to whirr and spin at present but I think I am almost prepared, almost.

I suspect many of us may be crossing our fingers for the arrival of postal deliveries at the moment. There is a promise of more snow ahead and I really want to be able to sit back and enjoy it with accompanying mugs of cocoa and gingerbread biscuits rather than dragging reluctant children around overheated shops filled with bad tempered shoppers.

My head is filled with optimistic hopes for a week of very relaxed seasonal baking, happy children making paper chains and clothes peg dolls. Yes, I realise the reality may be children screaming at each other over bits of ripped up paper and a great deal of kitchen panic but I feel certain that if I imbibe in enough seasonal spirit of the alcoholic variety I may just manage to create the scene through holly tinted glasses.

I have been making these brooches for Teacher's presents and like the fabric combination so much that I have decided to add them to my Not on the High Street shop and to Etsy.


Monica said…
I just received my last parcel from Scotland that was stuck for ages under all the snow they had.


(lovely brooches)
Anonymous said…
I'm feeling a certain, small, panic at the thought of not finishing the gifts. And I've already relinquished a couple grand plans. However! I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit and am determined to have a lovely week ahead. I hope all your packages come soon!

Oh, and our holiday cocktail will soon make an appearance and our spirits will surely brighten even more. ;)
Shelley in SC said…
Yes, that's exactly what I'm hoping for next week . . . a little Christmas peace, quiet, and joyful anticipation!
Tabiboo said…
Chin, chin to holly tinted glasses - mine will be firmly place upon my nose - hurrah....and hiccup!
kristina said…
Very lucky teachers. And I love the idea of holly tinted glasses! K x
lucy said…
You always manage to conjure the most amazing life stories in my opinion...!

Now, in true holiday spirit of peace, quiet and the holly tinted glasses, lets just say, imbibe carefully so we don't end up under the chimney sozzled and blocking santa's way!

A golly cheers from me!!!

Jane said…
Sunday is my goal. I want to be able to enjoy next week. Good luck with the homestretch and enjoy these coming days,
Bethany Hissong said…
Your brooches are beautiful... they will love them! I've decided this holiday to embrace the merriness and forget about the perfection... now ask me about that next week when I am cleaning the house!!!
Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for your lovely comment, I'd be glad to pop a bookmark in the post if you email me your address, my email is on my profile.
Paula said…
Those are beautiful brooches, I like the colour combination and their simplicity.

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