Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A November birthday

That little girl of mine turned eight yesterday and let me tell you eight is big. She was wound so tightly I really don't know how she didn't pop right up and hit the ceiling, the excitement was huuuuuge. For days.

I planned on keeping the party celebrations low key, just six little girls to entertain, a carefully planned and easily contained craft to fill the time. Entirely manageable.

The snowy weather spreading across the country delayed the arrival of my crafting supplies.

Requiring an emergency raid of my clothes peg bag.

And a big box of fabric scraps.

The room was covered in fabric. It felt like there were many more than six little girls wielding scissors and glue and permanent marker pens across my table.

But I survived and there was a much deserved glass of Monday night wine and everyone got home safely before the snow began in earnest.

And that girl of mine is eight. Eight. How ever does it happen? How can it be? Growing up too fast. As I take down the decorations and watch the snow fall outside the window I think about the babies my children once were, that sweet milky breath, those beautiful lips, those warm folds of skin and baby toes. Oh my, I really miss those baby toes.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Leaf love

The weather has turned quite cold and several hard frosts have seen the last of the leaves fall to the ground. This morning as I walked thro
ugh the woods I crunched through those leaves turned crisp with frost, their edges glistening below the low November sun. The dogs scampered and ran, their energy high, glad to be out on a cold, dry day.

I did not mean to leave the blog so long, the days are passing quickly at the moment, I cannot ignore the approach of December, the mad month. I
have been busy too, there has been a great deal of sewing and knitting.

The sewing has been mostly orders but this little brooch was the result of some very satisfactory mending. A friend showed me her ripped skirt and after failing to come up with any suitable fabric with which to make a good invisible mend it occurred to me that a little complimentary patch might work. I rather liked the result and decided to sew up a brooch along the same lines.

And then I made a few more as gifts and of course I just had to have one for my green coat.

I have added a few to my Etsy shop too, just in case anyone else needs a little leafy adornment.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old favourites

There are so many things in my life that are my old favourites. Worn knitting needles, an old sweater, my favourite scarf or bag, a well thumbed children's story book. I love to use these things, the comfort of the familiar.

This my favourite cooking pot. A wedding present all those year
s ago. It is scratched and discoloured, so very well used. It has cooked so many family meals, fed so many guests. It is not my smartest pot but certainly my best.

Today it is slowly braising sausages with apples and thyme.

Thyme, my favourite cooking herb.

Monday, November 08, 2010

and the rain came down

I walked the dogs upon my immediate return from the school drop off this morning. And thank goodness I did for the wild and windy start has turned to wild and wet.

This morning the wind blew noisily through the trees, it roared in our ears like a woodland ocean. The dogs were skittish, running this way and that, their noses quivering with the excitement of the smells being blown their way.

We crunched along a carpet of gold, brown and red, the leaves were thick upon the woodland floor but the trees still glowed a little in the morning light. The dogs ran on, the wind at their heels, twisting and turning, a spring in their step, their tails held high.

I think we may have enjoyed the the last of the golden walks, falling leaves were swirling through the air as we quickened our pace, the wind was cold and in the more northerly facing parts of the woods I heard it speak, through the roar, it whispered winter to me.

And now, a few hours later, I sit at my desk and I can see the wind spoke the truth. The rain is pouring, the fallen leaves will be brown and sodden in no time at all. My nose is cold, my feet chilled too. Now I must go to my kitchen, my winter safety net, the best place to be. It is definitely a day to stand by a warm stove. A pot of soup and freshly baked bread. Mood food.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

A blouse of slightly less agreement

As I mentioned in the post below, the Tiny Tea Leaves is being knitted to match a number of wardrobe items.

This is one of them.

Another blouse, different pattern but same book, the second time I have made this particular blouse. I did not change a thing, well not to my knowledge but given that I do not understand a word of Japanese, who knows?

Once again I used a Liberty Tana Lawn, I love this one with its little blue sprig and my blue loving daughter adores it too. Which almost makes up for the collar, she does not love the collar. Or the sleeves, I'm not sure why she does not love the sleeves. Sigh.

Let us hope that the forthcoming cardigan, with its blouse sleeve hiding capabilities will make up for that.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The fading light

Incredibly the clocks went back this weekend and the resulting manipulation of my days makes the shift from autumn to winter feel inevitable. I am not quite ready, I was loving autumn with its warm golden light. Yesterday we seemed barely home from school than the light was fading and it was time to draw the curtains and light the lamps.

I must adjust.

November, one of those grim, grey months, it is always linked in my mind with January and February. None of the cheer and excitement of December, the leaves are deserting the trees, the light is fading by the day. A transition sort of month.

I have knitting to accompany me though so it's not all bad and once one accepts the day is gone you may as well light the fire and embrace the evenings, needles to hand, perhaps a little House to watch, a cup of chai at elbow.

A Tiny Tea Leaves cardigan. Sadly not being knitted in glorious Madeline Tosh Vintage but instead I am using the much more economical Cascade 220. I am not too sad about the yarn substitution, in fact I am rather in love with Cascade 220. So many colours! Yes, I know, all those colours and I choose this very reserved shade of blue, it is being knit to match several things and Miss Tilly loves blue. It really is a splendid yarn though, squishy and satisfyingly woolly so I shall certainly explore the colours more thoroughly in future projects.