Gently, softly

We are quietly tiptoeing into the new year, tired but happy, grown-up heads slightly fuzzy, children a little quiet but still going strong after their very late night.

They have spent all day in pyjamas to their delight but maybe a day of sofa centric activity is not so very bad once in a while.

A part of me is full of resolution and plans, the other part reluctant to set myself up for a year of under-achieving so I plan to go gently in.

Some things are certain. I will continue to take photographs, the Project 365 begun several years ago is now an ingrained habit. I do not manage a photograph every single day but I do use my camera most days and still take such enormous pleasure from the surprising glimpses and memories of my daily life that this habit provides. Unfortunately I have rather lost the habit of up-loadin
g regularly to Flickr and I think a gentle resolution could be to try and regain that habit.

I will certainly continue to post here too, another habit which is now a deep part of me. There are many days when time seems too short, this space seems too indulgent but the pleasure gained from this habit is too good to give up.

Two soft and gentle resolutions of two habits to continue. There are more wishes and plans of course but I shall ease myself into them for I think I am the sort of girl who does not grasp a bull by the horns but rather approaches gently from the side. Slowly, carefully, I will get there in the end.

So gently, softly is perhaps not such a very bad start, after all there is a fresh new year stretching out ahead.

Thank you so much for visiting this space throughout the year and I hope the year ahead will be such a very good one for all of you.


Emma said…
And you, Happy New Year.
dottycookie said…
A gentle approach sounds very appealing. Happy New Year to you all.
Helen Philipps said…
Wishing you a very Happy New Year. Enjoy your gentle start, and I look forward to visiting your blog in 2011.
Helen x
Elizabeth said…
Happy New year Rebecca. I'm all for the slow approach myself.
Willow said…
I agree; the slow quiet approach will in reality carry us much farther than the bull by the horns method.

A very happy, quiet, gentle new year to you!
Bethany Hissong said…
Happy New Year Rebecca!!! I think spending the first day of the new year surrounded by your family is perfect. You are always an inspiration to me and knowing that your plan to continue in what you're doing here on this blog makes me giddy with anticipation for this new year! xo
TheMadHouse said…
I like the idea of a gentle approach. I prefer to bring in the new year at home. I hope you have a wonderful 2011. I am not looking forward to losing the boys to school next week.
Lynne said…
Happy New Year, and thank you for posting and promising to post in the new year!
I've been lurking here for - well seems like forever, certainly found you when you were still in Wales and read back through all your posts, and have been reading ever since, thank you for a glimpse into a gentle but inspirational life.
Jane said…
Happy New Year Rebecca. That's my plan too, easing my way in. I tend not to make many resolutions so I'm not disappointed with the outcome. I want to read a bit more and just spend time with the boys.
Tabiboo said…
Happy New Year - I still feel like my head is all fuzzy - though that might have something (a little bit more) to do with a nice fizzy glass of something sat beside me.

Here's to a wonderful new year,

Nina xxx
Country Girl said…
Have a good and gentle year.
kim said…
I look forward to your beautiful photos as well as your wonderful writing style. Happy New Year!
sweetmyrtle said…
'gently' is good. being 'kind' to yourself too & taking one small dream at a time & letting them unfold as the universe wishes.
i have been thinking about 2011 & have started dream planning a little but am also giving myself permission to go 'lightly', to 'allow' my dreams to find their own space & lead me. all very exciting. wishing you the most magical of years Rebecca,
love & blessings
ginny x
kristina said…
This sounds perfect to me. Here's to a wonderful year ahead! K x

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