I must confess

That I really rather like Valentine's Day.

I know it probably isn't very cool, but there you have it. It's a bright spark in a dull month.

Happy Valentine's Day.


I agree. Approached in the right way, it's a lovely day. Laura x
Arianwen said…
lovely card! So much nicer than a bought one!
dottycookie said…
We do it quietly but I like it too. We never buy anything, but heart shaped food and some little bits for the girls make me very happy indeed.

Love your card.
Ali said…
I like it too - in a small and low key way.
Jane said…
Hope you had a wonderful day!
Paula said…
What a beautiful card, I love cards with fabric and embroidery :-)
kristina said…
Happy (now belated) Valentine's Day! Such a lovely card.

K x
knittingoutloud said…
Yes, we do need Valentine's Day!
I think I just like to 'pretend' i don't like valentines day. That way if nothing special happens it seems like I don't care. jeez, that sounds depressing !!!! Haha, Valentines day IS such a sweet day though. And as you said, a special pop into the month of February :) Love those cards. Oh so sweet <3

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