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I was really rather pleased with yesterday's freehand sewing adventure and when woken too early this morning by an ageing dog I found my mind quickly abuzz with variations and plans.

Once my caffeine levels were fully restored and my charges had all left safely for the day I entered the sewing room and quickly pushed aside other more pressing, but much less amusing, projects and got to work.

Because it was essential I visit the butcher's shop this very day and it was entirely clear in my mind that this trip might prove quite impossible without my brand new shopping bag dangling oh so delightfully from my shoulder.

A friendly missive upon its front should remind me of my reason for leaving home this cold March day and save me from being distracted from my mission, which, believe it or not, really can happen all too easily. Thankfully the bag was completed and sausages procured, success all round.

There are most certainly more bags in the offing and I hope to have some in my shop as soon as light and wind conditions allow for better photography!


Shelley in SC said…
This is absolutely dear!! I would love to have it hanging off my shoulder for a quick trip to the grocery store!
pebbledash said…
Love this, sweet and simple, and that little pop of colour is just perfect.
kim said…
You are on a creative roll. These bags are completely adorable. Yay, March!
crafts@home said…
fantastic, simple yet beautiful :)
lets go sewing methinks! sausages in that lovely bag? surely not! jennyx
Julia said…
Fantastic!! I love the fabric you have used and the writing is a marvellous touch!

Julia x
Love, love, love it! That's my absolute favourite Liberty print. My hubby has a bag made from it (in a different colourway)with is name appliqued on the front that his mum made him to carry his PE kit when he was at primary school. Sweet. Loving the freehand sewing and the simplicity of your designs. Laura x
Helen Philipps said…
Beautiful - simple yet interesting visually with the bright bit of colour - and I love the words. I always love stitched words on textiles!
Helen x
Anonymous said…
Super bag - I have lots of Liberty fabric which I just can't bear to cut up!!
Lorraine said…
I absolutely love this bag !!
susan said…
So simple and pretty.
I like your design ; )
What an adorable bag! Such a simple idea, but it's so cute! I'm sure it brings a smile to your face every time you go shopping! Ver often the simple designs are just the best!
silverpebble said…
That's the chic-est shopping bag I've seen in ages.
sweet, sweet, sweet!
shopping with that will surely bring a smile! xx
sweet, sweet, sweet!
shopping with that will surely bring a smile! xx

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