Reaching the other side

So I limped my way through the end of last week, feeling very viral once again but in between running a temperature I managed odd bits of frantic sewing and preparing for Sunday's craft stall.

On Saturday as I sat shivering in the warmest sunshine we have had this year I really did wonder if The Technical Advisor might find himself standing in a marquis singing the praises of hand sewn hair slides and Liberty prints but around about 4pm adrenalin began to take over and much was suddenly achieved. I worked until late on Saturday night and went to bed with plenty of coughing.

Somehow, on Sunday morning I awoke buzzing and feeling good! The sun shone down and full of nerves I began to lay out my wares. I was surrounded by wonderful smells, there was bread and cheese. Pies and cakes. Gorgeous lotions and soaps, a stall full of beautiful greenery. There were tantalising sausages and curry to die for. Happy beef and of course there was Handmade at Poshyarns too.

I really was nervous, anxious that no one would buy, I wasn't sure that a Farmer's Market was even the right sort of venue for my first stall. But I need not of feared.

The people kept coming, hoards of them. There were cars parked right through the village and some of those people even bought my things!
Hurrah, hurrah, I was so very relieved, the atmosphere was full of friendly bustle and I certainly hope to be doing it all over again at the next Assington Farmers' Market. By 2pm it was all over, I was quickly packed up and by 2.30pm I was back at home, sipping G&T in the garden (this is a very local event for me!) , grinning from ear to ear and feeling as though I had most certainly reached the other side of my little mountain.


Ali said…
So pleased it went well - your banner is glorious and the stall looks totally irresistible - obviously the punters thought so too!
dottycookie said…
Brilliant - well done you! Hope you're completely recovered now.
Gigibird said…
I am so delighted you had such a positive experience.
Well done.
Cyb√®le said…
well done you! The photos look glorious.
Hope the virus has disappeared by now.
Anonymous said…
Glad it all went well! I have a table at a 9very small) market day on Easter Saturday - hopefully I can sell the left over stuff from the cancelled Christmas Fair!!!
Elizabeth said…
Well, congrats! It's a hard thing to do, your first stall but it sounds like it went brilliantly.
It also sounds like we have the same virus...ugh.
Caroline Saunders said…
Wow. The stall looks gorgeous. I'm currently debating doing a stand at our local summer fair and you have inspired me! Well done, hope you are feeling better! xx
Bethany Hissong said…
Congratulations Rebecca! I know what a big thing this was for you and I'm just so proud of you for doing it! Your table looks so charming and I adore those little toddler outfits! Now please take care of yourself-- you deserve a little rest now! xo
Robin said…
Wonderful! I'm so happy for you. I'm also envious of all those people who got to visit your stall. Your items are lovely.
lucy said…
I am so proudly of you for doing this fair so successfully! Wow, speechless indeed.
Jo's Corner said…
Congratulations! It all looks so beautiful...your stall and the day.
Congratulations! It looks like you had a nice crowd.
I love your pretty display of all your cute wares and especially your "handmade at poshyarns" banner. It's all so pretty.
Jane said…
Well done, hope you are feeling better now, jane x
kristina said…
Oh your stall looks wonderful! And so impressed with your stamina! Hope you're feeling 100% recovered now.

Any chance you'll be at the June market? If so, I'll try to convince G to make the drive down from Holt!

K x
mooncalf said…
well done. Your stall does look lovely. It is great to hear you're having such success - very well done!
Magic Cochin said…
Looks like that was a resounding success then!

Why were you so worried?! It looks super fab wondeful!

Well done and here's to the next one!
Helen Philipps said…
Fantastic! Your stall looks really beautiful and stylish, and I'm glad you did well. Now you've done one you'll be fine next time! Have a great week.
Helen x
Louise said…
It all looks gorgeous (fantastic banner!). It's just the sort of stall that would make me go all tingly if I came upon it at at a fayre.
Gina said…
Congratualtions. It all looks fab and very professional. I love your banner too. Pleased you recovered in time and were well enough to celebrate afterwards with a G & T!
your table looks AWESOME!
yay. yay. YAY!!!
glad you are feeling better.
have a glorious weekend. xx
Jane said…
Congrats to you! I would have bought your whole table if I was there! I love it all!
Alison Gorf said…
I am so glad it went well - it is always so nerve wracking doing your first event - mine was an Xmas craft fair lat year. I am very glad that you had a good time and your stall looks lovely.

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