One hundred and one uses for an egg box

Well, just one actually.

The perfect mobile hair slide crafting unit, little compartments for the different colours & sizes.

Easy to move from room to room or even outdoors should weather permit.

Finished slides can be stored along the edge.

Looking for all the world like a row of colourful, sugar free, lolly pops.

The slides will be listed in the shop soon but in the mean time I have added the tissue holders to the my Handmade at Poshyarns shop.


Shelley in SC said…
Totally adorable. (And very resourceful too, with the egg carton!)
Ali said…
Old Cotswold Legbar? I am a sucker for pretty eggs too. Perfect box re-use!
Magic Cochin said…

I use egg boxes to hold potatoes for chitting.

And and eggbox makes a very handy till for small change on my art fair stand ;-)

Clever ! I hate throwing the old cartons away but , now , the egg man says Health'n'Safety won't let him reuse them .
And the hair slides ? Buttons AND tiny flowers !! Perfect .
Tabiboo said…
What a great idea.

Love your hair clips too.

Nina xxx
Helen Philipps said…
Wonderful idea! How pretty those clips look like that. I love the blue egg box too, it works beautifully with the fabric colours.
Helen x
Jane said…
So pretty (hair clips) and the egg box is a brilliant idea. wonderful sewing ideas. Jane x
kristina said…
Oh the hair slides are lovely. And that egg box is indeed too pretty a color to just put in the recycling bin.

K x
Pomona said…
Such pretty hairclips - and obviously a very efficient production system!

Pomona x
Ms M said…
Very pretty! Thanks for stopping over at Me Old China. Love your pics on flickr x

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