Knitting as fast as I can

Because I am running out of yarn.

Indeed I already ran out and had to rip back and make the sleeves shorter.

But I did this in a haphazard sort of way, with no proper counting or calculating.

And I did not make them short enough.

So I ran out of yarn again.

Surprisingly, once again I took the devil may care approach, no considered thought or measurements taken.

When ripping back for the third time I decided to employ some maths.

My ever decreasing sleeves should be finished tonight.

I hope.


Toffeeapple said…
I shall keep my fingers firmly crossed that you don't have to rip again!
Tabiboo said…
It is a very beautiful colour though.

Nina x
Anonymous said…
Is this the quince and co yarn? How do you like it? I've been debating getting some (in that color to be exact) but haven't any idea how it is in real life.

The finished sweater will be lovely, despite the short sleeves.
Robin said…
It's so pretty! That's a wonderful color.

It brings me a measure of comfort to know that knitters I look up to also make bad calls from time to time.
Peeriemoot said…
Ah, somebody who works like me! Good luck :-D.
rachel said…
Aren't you patient! I would have wept and thrown my knitting down in a strop, never to be picked up again! (But there again, I wouldn't have got as far as you got in the first place....)
Anonymous said…
Snap - I was knitting very quickly yesterday to finish a baby blanket before I ran out of yarn - I had about 18 inches left from a 200g ball!!
Ali said…
What an amazing colour. And everyone knows, knitting faster makes the wool longer, same as breathing in when you're squeezing the car through a narrow gap!
Elizabeth said…
lovely colour!
Btw, I haven't asked about pottery in a while. Did you get set up in your current digs?
Such a pretty yarn color. Best of luck with your sleeves.
Mary Lou said…
SO I am not the only one who knits faster when I'm running out of yarn. Glad to know I am not alone.
millefeuilles said…
I'm in the same boat as you; although I am not running out of yarn but time. To say my finished item will be flawed is an understatement.

Good luck! You are not alone.

ps You are using a beautiful colour and your stitches look perfect.
Leamonteach said…
Is this a February Lady Sweater? Mine was redone several times, and, to be perfectly honest, is still waiting for another redo to get the sleeves right. . . Sigh. But yours is lovely!
I love the idea of knitting faster when running out of yarn! Though I think I might be familiar with that ruse to make the yarn last at least one more row! Whatever you're making, it looks beautiful, I love the stitch pattern, and the blue is perfect. Vanesssa xxx
Bethany Hissong said…
I agree... such a beautiful blue color... like the water in Greece.

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