At summer's close

Yesterday they began to plough the field behind our house.

And as I ran through The Thicks I heard it whispered on the wind, the wind that already sends the dry, crisp leaves spiralling to the ground.

The close of summer.

The final chapters.

It has gone too fast. Each year seems quicker.

So much not done, that bleached out golden field of wheaten stubble not gazed upon enough. Over too soon.

But it has been a good one. Long summer days. Garden camping, real life glamping, trips here and there. Visits from friends.

And we flew a few kites.

I have been away from the blog for so long and I have missed the excuse to reflect and pause but normal service is now resumed. I hope you are still out there reading and that your summers have been good?


cathleen said…
Hi Rebecca! I'm still reading but I did miss you! Looking forward to more of your lovely posts especially the knitting ones!!!
Anonymous said…
ah! the power of twits eh? lovely blog - making me think of when my girls were that age and summer was pure magic!! now then....that ironing!welcome back! anne
Toffeeapple said…
Yes, still here, welcome back! Summer does seem to be departing very early this year. When I was a child they used to go on all through September and sometimes beyond. I suppose that we shall all get used to it, learn to adjust.
Anonymous said…
Summer has definitely gone - we had wonderful weather in April, but it really hasn't been very good for the rest of the summer!
What a beautiful stretch of open space.
Robin said…
I believe you're right about the summers feeling shorter each year.

Glad you're back. :-)
Catherine said…
Glad you are back but am quite sad the summer is over. I think it passed by much much too quickly! Cx
Suzy said…
Still reading, yes! We all need a little break from time to time. Getting out of a routine does wonders. Just take a look at your wonderful children, they grow marvelous during summer isn't it?
Have a nice 'first day of school' Rebecca!
Mary Lou said…
Lovely pictures. I can't believe it's September.
millefeuilles said…
It is lovely to see you again. I agree whole heartedly about summer having slipped between our fingers a little too fast. I love autumn but I mourn the passing of time especially summer which is supposed to be the slowest of seasons.

I am quietly telling you also that I am having a giveaway which, I think, will appeal to the knitter/gardener/reader in you. I would very much like you to have a chance to win...

Best wishes,

Anonymous said…
Good to see you back. It's that funny time of year when summer isn't quite gone but autumn is creeping over the threshold. Part of me is looking longingly back over the long summer holidays and another part is reaching forward to all that harvest and bonfires and toffee apples and Christmas and lots of chunky winter suppers.

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