The joy of the season

Just over a week ago we stood on warm sand and let the sea lick our toes as the sun bathed us warmly.

In the East of England.

In October.

Just over a week later and that Indian Summer seems a lifetime away. Autumn is most certainly knocking at the door. Indeed, it is positively shouting down the chimney.

And yet I love it.

Just as much as I loved standing on that sun-kissed shoreline.

As I ran through the woods this morning Autumn roared its presence through the trees. The leaves blew and the light was glorious, golden and soft. The woods smelled damp and warm, my feet crunched upon crisp, coloured leaves and the dogs stopped to pull chestnut shells from their paws.

As I ran I declared my love for Autumn, claimed it as my favourite season of all and then, as I thought about that statement, I realised that I think the very
same thing every single season. I love Winter, those days when the low, pale sun glistens across a frozen landscape, the pleasure of an evening around a warm fire indoors. Then comes Spring, with its acid bright greens, abundance of blossom, the sun so bright and new. But Summer, how could I not love Summer - its slow, hazy days, the colours bleached and faded in the warm sun.

So there it is, I could not give up even one of these seasons or ours. I embrace each one and a few months later tire of its presence and prepare to welcome the next but right now, oh yes, right now it's all about Autumn. My favourite season right now, I want to breathe it in, soak it up, I shall not miss a moment.

The aprons clearly have no bearing on the post whatsoever but have just been added to the Handmade at Poshyarns shop, perfect for Autumnal kitchen pottering.


Paula said…
I love Autumn too and your aprons are so beautiful.
Toffeeapple said…
Such pretty aprons, aren't you clever?

I adore Autumn and like Spring a lot but the other two don't appeal one bit.
Tabiboo said…
This has to be my favourite post of the day.

I never can seem quite how to put my finger on it, but you've summed it all up for me in one - yes indeed.

Nina x
driftwood said…
love it. embrace each season and then look forward to the next xoxo
and autumn kitchen pottering. I could do that xxx
Ali said…
Ah I wholeheartedly agree! What a beautifully put post :)
But of all the seasons I do especially love autumn, just that little bit more than the others (don't tell them I said so!)
millefeuilles said…
You've done a Virgina Woolf on me: all those wonderful feelings about acceptance of moving from one season to another and embracing the different beauty of each you have put clearly and poetically into words.

Thank you for urging us to enjoy each season to the full.

ps Those aprons are delightful.
Pomona said…
it's not the seasons I mind, it's the months - January and February in particular!

Pomona x
Helen Philipps said…
You describe the seasonal changes so well, summing up just how I feel too. Beautifully put!
Helen x
Toffeeapple said…
Congratulations, I see that you will be featured in Craft Tonic issue 5!
I always declare autumn as my favourite season, but you are right about all the others, I never think I want them to come until I am sitting by a cosy fire watching the winter storm outside, or enjoying the daffodils shooting up bringing colour to the world again. Of course summer, the beach the sand the sea, well that is just perfect. The aprons are lovely. - Annie
Victoria said…
It is turning out to be a perfect Autumn. Love the aprons. x
I was born in Chicago, where each season is distinct. Now I live in the more moderate Northern California seasons. Sometimes I miss those hot summers and white winters.
Primchick said…
Love your new work Rebecca... :o)
Francesca said…
I could live in summer and spring forever, and never miss the cold seasons at all - so it was very nice to read your words about your joy of the four seasons.

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