Knuckling down

Over the last few months I have come up with lots of new products to take to the craft fairs and Farmer's Markets that I have been attending. The pressure of committing to these events has been something of a creative kick up the proverbial, in fact it has been really good for me; in addition to a bulging sketch book my range now includes aprons, key fobs, bookmarks, hair slides and m

Unfortunately the kick has not extended to my on-line shop. I have been lazy about adding these things, there never seem to be enough hours to photograph and add the copy. Yes, excuses, excuses.

So I have given myself a stern talking to.

And hope to knuckle down over the next few weeks.

Rosetta Rabbit took her place in the Handmade at Poshyarns shop today.

She was named by her very first customer, the lovely young Natalie. I think she chose rather well.


Toffeeapple said…
You have a very discerning young customer in Natalie. Rosetta Rabbit is a perfect name.
Robin said…
The bunny is too cute!!
You have my undying admiration for being able to make the same item multiple times. I just don't have the strength of character to make that happen.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful name for a very cute rabbit!
millefeuilles said…
Rosetta is charming; I have a thing about mice and rabbits.

Well done for your creative production line. I shall be participating in my first craft fair next year so it is good to have tips from more experienced artists such as yourself!
a simple yarn said…
The upside to your work priority is having many lovely bits for the markets and fairs. The downside, though, is for those of us on the other side of the Atlantic who'll not experience them!
Ali said…
Such beautiful simple little bunnies! I love their faces!

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