We had a week by the sea.

And feel fully re-charged, revived, restored.

There was sand.

Holes were dug. And jumped in.

Sand towns were planned and built.

Sea was gazed at.

Surf was boarded.

Friends were loved.

Cartwheels were turned.

There are surely few things better than St Ives with friends.


Ali said…
Looks wonderful - I'm feeling in need of a bit of restoration myself this afternoon.
Toffeeapple said…
It all looks marvellous, I wish I could have gone with you, I feel the need to be restored. Love the colour of the beach huts.
blue hands said…
Envious. One of our favourite places. Your half term week is obviously different from ours this year. I seem to remember that two years ago we were there at the same time as you.
Cyb√®le said…
I LOVE the photo with the beach huts. And the colour of that sea - I thought you'd gone somewhere tropical!
Willow said…
Restoration lovingly and perfectly done.
Helen Philipps said…
Oh, St Ives! What a perfect week...I loved your pictures, especially the crashing waves and the wonderful gem like blue green colour of the sea.
Helen x
Anonymous said…
I'm most envious - I never could turn a cartwheel!
Mrs M said…
Lovely pics! Look like lovely memories!

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