Tiny things

Tiny dustpans and brushes are perfect for cleaning up tiny snippets of fabric.

Over the last year a number of toys have left the house and as the children become older it becomes more and more apparent that there are plenty more could go. I look forward to the extra space and lack of plastic but there are some things I am not sure I am ready to part with.

Like this little red dustpan and brush. The tools of many a doll's house spring clean or tiny tea party crumb removal.

As a result of various wholesale enquiries I have recently reviewed my product pricing and I am afraid some prices have had to increase in order to keep up with the increasing cost of materials, postage and so on. However, in case anyone out there was planning on ordering something and is now kicking themselves for delaying I am offering a discount this weekend, it seems only fair. For your 10% discount just enter the code OCTOBER11 when checking out of the Handmade at Poshyarns Shop, it will remain valid until 1st November.


Cyb√®le said…
When my parents sold the house I grew up in (and lived in for almost 20 years), my dad took all the toys and put them in the spare bedroom of his new place. Now whenever we visit, my two love getting the toys out that my brother and I used to play with. When I tidy up toys that my two have outgrown, I only keep things which I think future grandchildren might enjoy - the wooden toys, the dolls.
It's very odd to find that they 'play' less and less and the mountain of toys becomes smaller!
Elizabeth said…
My mother kept my child-sized corn broom in the closet with the regular broom - forever! She claimed it was good to get into small places.
Pomona said…
I still have a tiny teaset from way back when - definitely the dustpan and brush must be a keeper!

Pomona x
Annie said…
I rather miss the days of miniature household items ... some of my lot our now old enough to own the full sized versions! Do keep the dustpan and brush, won't you, it's useful and you'll have happy memories of your childrens childhoods when you use it :D
Annie said…
*are* now old enough ... oh dear, going to be at 3.00 am is catching up with me!
Helen Philipps said…
Such a sweet post, I too love doll's house things....and what a lovely idea, using the miniature dust pan and brush to sweep up tiny fabric scraps (and perfect for those really tiny bits of cotton I seem to snip and scatter everywhere too!)
Helen x

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