I almost didn't make my post.

Just one of those days. Time marched too fast.

I am short on words today, my head too full of whirring to make sense. Just this vintage suitcase to show you. I use it to transport my wares and for display. It makes me smile every time I use it. I like to think of the places it has been, the sights it has seen. When I bought it I intended to refurbish the interior.

But as it turned out I could not quite bring myself to cover up its memories.


Tabiboo said…
I think it looks perfect just the way it is.

Nina x
kim said…
I'm loving all of your handmade goodies. I'm so happy that you decided to start a shop to showcase your talents. I'm also enjoying your much more frequent posts, as each one is like a tiny morsel of treats.
cathleen said…
Hi Rebecca! I am so enjoying your almost everyday postings. I've always found you to be a very special and interesting blogger. And ironing...I seem to find it quite relaxing as well. Have a great week.
Clipping Path said…
Thank you for a great post.

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