Yes, I fell off the NaBloPoMo but I am ready to jump right back on that horse.

I left home early and arrived back late on Saturday, too dark for pictures, as the these surely demonstrate and much too late for my brain to formulate words.

Sunday? Well, same thing pretty much. Another market, this time the sun came out and shone gloriously, as it pretty much has done on every single Assington Farmer's Market thus far. I cannot tell you how it lifted the mood after so many days of grey.

The grey returned today but Sunday's sunshine is still fresh enough in the memory to feed my soul.

My model? The lovely Sarah of Casey's Cakes. I am rather thrilled every time I see Sarah wearing the apron, she wears it so beautifully. Sarah also makes amazing cakes and puddings, The Technical Advisor goes quite weak at the knees for her Bakewell Slices. You can find Casey's Cakes (and me) at Lavenham Farmer's Market on 25th November

Thank you so much for all your recent comments, I have relished and smiled at every single one, please know how very much they are appreciated.


blue hands said…
Glad you're back safely - was getting a little anxious there! I hope the fairs went well - it's such hard work making sure there's enough stock to make the stall look lush and lovely.
Toffeeapple said…
I wish I could get to Lavenham!

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