The right tools

My tissue case template is cut from a cereal box.

My turning tools are knitting needles and paint brush handles.

My pin cushion is, all too often, the arm of the chair.

When making jelly preserves I have a complicated arrangement that involves upending a chair and suspending the muslin bag from it's legs.

I use a tea cup to cut scones.

A crochet hook is kept in the bathroom and used to remove hair from the plughole. I know, sorry.

Barbecue tongs stand guard in the fireplace, ready to place the next log.

And my food processor requires a cocktail stick to be jammed into a slot before it works.

But when it comes to cutting fabric, I dearly love my rotary cutter, it is exactly the right tool for the job. The paperweight is perhaps less obvious but applies itself brilliantly and the metal ruler belongs the Technical Advisor. We tussle over it. He retrieves it periodically from my room and tries to hide it in his man cave. But I always find it and it is the perfect tool for the job.


Claire said…
I love what you describe... or should I say, I *live* what you describe! We're a make do household here, but without the rotary cutter. It's probably wrong to some, but thanks for the idea with the crochet hook!
Ali said…
'Man-cave' - brilliant. We have one of those too. It has swallowed my pliers. He deems them 'tools' and therefore his. But they are mine.
blue hands said…
Sounds as if one of you needs to put a new straight-edge on your Christmas list! (Actually I always find that a metal straight-edge blunts my rotary cutter rather quickly, but I'm not very accurate with my cutting.)
Not So Granny said…
I feel sad for that poor crochet hook. It had high hopes in the factory of making beautiful afgans and cardigans. Everyday it sighs a little knowing it will never fulfil its true potential.
fattyruns said…
My ruler, not yours. Period.

Love this post :) and love your make do attitude :)
Haha, TA's comment above is so funny too.
We have one of these metal rulers too, but I haven't seen it lately, somone must be hiding it in their kidcave maybe :)
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dragonfly said…
Sorry, I'm gagging over the crochet hook thing!
dottycookie said…
I have a similarly shaped implement in the bathroom, very sensible indeed!

We have an ongoing battle over retractable tape measures. I can never find one when I need one. *And* my husband pinched both my awl and my wire cutters. I was just forced to buy myself better ones :-)
Tabiboo said…
What perfectly wonderful (female) tools. We are so good at adapting. Who needs power?

Nina x
Toffeeapple said…
My 'tools' are my nut crackers, for opening bottles and anything that needs to be turned (now that my hands are failing) and a vegetable peeler for anything that needs to be poked or twisted.

I think TA has just issued you with a challenge.
Emma said…
I'm very excited by the crochet hook tip!
Nina Fenner said…
Love it. Piece of wire in our bathroom, upturned stool for jelly, glass for jam tart tops, and used to use a wine bottle for rolling pastry before my dad took up wood turning and made me a maple one, oh joy.

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