Tick tock

Goes the clock. These last few weeks my eye is continually on the clock. I dash from computer to printer. From sewing machine to iron. From packaging to post office.

Family time has been poor.

There has been very little baking.

It is wonderful to be so busy, and every order is still a thrill but my goodness, I was not prepared and I am frantically treading water.

Somewhere amongst the blur of work my little girl turned nine and once again I wonder how? How can it be nine years? How can they go so fast?

Right now she is a sassy nine year old, she can make us laugh and make us want to cry. She is smart and funny and still a little vulnerable beneath that sharp exterior.

There was a sleepover of many girls, they giggled late into the n
ight. There were roller blades which she is determinedly conquering and which fill me with terror.

There was a small amount of baking. A many layered chocolate cake. Decorated with... chocolates.

And the birthday decorations are still hanging high, gathering dust, perhaps I shall just leave
them for now. Declare them to be the beginning of Christmas.


driftwood said…
happy birthday to your little girl, we start the birthday celebrations this weekend, and I think chocolate cake with chocolates on would be very popular here xox
Cyb√®le said…
They change a lot between 8 and 9. One big step towards adulthood, but still very child-like too. Lovely age - my 9yo is now heading towards double figures but is still my baby!
Country Girl said…
Happy Birthday to your girlie - mine just celebrated her 16th and I do not know where the time has gone.
Lovely to meet you at Snape on Sunday and put a face to the name! I hope you are thawed out now.
Ali said…
Yeah - I'd go with them as pre-Christmas decorations if I were you. Happy birthday to her!
And just think of the relief you will feel when all the orders are done.
Willow said…
Happy Birthday to your girl!

Enjoy and appreciate nine years and prepare yourself for twelve which I declared 'the year of hair' with my two girls. :) May you (and Tilly) be spared the worst of that year.
Elizabeth said…
Happy birthday to Tilly! Here's to sleepovers and giggling and roller blades.
Don't worry you'll come out at the other side just fine (the other side of 9 and the other side of Christmas orders)
kim said…
Happy Belated Birthday to that adorable Tilly! Wasn't she just like 6? Yikes!

I am so delighted that your business is taking off. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

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