As the fog begins to clear

I have been thinking about this space a lot these past weeks.

But not getting here and writing.

My words have been stuck, fogged up, unclear.

The rhythm of my days has changed so much since I first began to write this blog. Over the last months Handmade At Poshyarns has slowly but surely become my actual work, a real job in fact, it's work I love but work nonetheless. It shapes my days and fills my mind and as it has grown I have found it hard to find my path in this space. I don't want to tell you about sewing and craft fairs in every post, I am sure that's not what you want to hear about either. This worry has niggled and gnawed at my thoughts, the more I think about it the harder it is to write anything at all.

But as stood on the edge of the field today and watched the edges of the fog begin to burn away, I felt a warmth in the sun and my thoughts became clearer and brighter.

For all I need to do is open up Blogger and write.

Somehow the words will come and somehow it will be OK. This space is changing, evolving gently but that is how it should be, for that's what life is all about. Thank you all who continue to read, your comments and presence means so very much.


Magic Cochin said…
I love popping over to your blog, it's nice to read posts from another perspective looking out on a similar world (does that make sense?)

I can't believe I've been blogging to 5 yrs and 1 day! Sometimes I wonder why, but when I remember all the lovely people I've met (that's really met in real life) whom I would not have met without starting my blog, it makes sense again.

And sometimes it's good just to post a picture and write a few words to remind myself that there's more to my day than all the crap stuff that's going on.

I love your photos today, they show perfectly how the sun melts the mist away in this part of the world.

Ali said…
One of the (many) things I enjoy about blogs is their capacity to adapt to whatever we need them to provide us with.
I enjoy all of my visits here so much. I'm sure you could write your shopping list and still find a way of making it beautiful and uplifting.
Wendy said…
What a lovely post and a real insight. So much better than all those "I've been a bad blogger" posts that so many people write to apologise for absence. I love your photos, too.

May the fog clear permanently and the sun shine through brightly! x
Elizabeth said…
It's nice to hear from you Rebecca whenever you pause to write in this space. I'm so glad that your handmade job is going well.
And we are all fully aware that life evolves and days are full and there are still only 24 hours in them.
Fleur Cotton said…
I agree with the previous comments, it's just nice to hear from you.

I started reading blogs to meet like-minded people all over the world, I love to hear what's happening in peoples lives, or their simplest of thoughts. On bad days I can be sure somebody's post will always cheer me up.

Whatever you write it will be appreciated.

Fleur xx
kim said…
I am so happy about your continued success. You are living my dream, and I shall continue to read whatever you decide to post. Best, Kim
driftwood said…
the clear skies will break through the fog, they always find a way, and so will you. x
Even though I live halfway across the world from you and we live different lives, I often identify so much with what you say. Most times it's what I would like to say, but I just can't articulate it quite as eloquently and elegantly as you did. If I tried to say it, it usually sounds whiny, which I don't like, so I avoid saying some of these things. I wish I had your way with words.

Like you, I started out writing a knitting blog and over the last 2-3 years it's gone beyond knitting. Sometimes I blog about my lunch or other mundane things. Sometimes I wonder who would want to read such things. Sometimes I wonder who is still reading my blog. But then I realised my blog is not only for readers. It is also for me. An outlet for me to talk about things that I feel like talking about.

I may not always comment here, but I am still following your blog and I do read your posts. Take care, it's good to know that your business is growing and that you love it!
what lovely comments - i can only add to them by agreeing with them all! when i see you have blogged, i always feel so pleased and you have never disappointed - keep it up. as ali says, even your shopping list - WITH PICS of course!
blue hands said…
Lovely to hear that your craft business is taking off. That has to be good news. Sometimes when the thing we love becomes work the shine rubs off and it starts to feel like slog, so we need to keep the little spaces where we can take leisure and time to enjoy the moment - as you have been doing today. x
Willow said…
Yes, blogs do evolve as the writer changes and adapts to a new situation. I think that true at my little space.
For one, I do enjoy reading about and seeing your little creations and knowing your business is growing. Any photo you post is sue to be lovely. Even a few words written will be worth it to me.
Locket Pocket said…
I echo Ali - you write beautifully, whatever it is about. Lucy x
Annie said…
You have a gift with words, they will come I'm sure, they just might choose their own timetable, which is true for anything worth saying methinks :D
Frances said…
Your posts have always had a very distinct personality. Yours!

I think that many of us who are challenged for time to blog or to keep up with blogs that we've somehow connected with, just find that we find the time, when we can find that time.

There really is something about being able to write and photograph whatever we wish, and generously set it out on to the www much as we might have launched a message in a bottle into the sea as children.

That launch was fun, an experiment, a gesture of friendship to someone we'd not ever met. Yet.

The photos that you've included in this post are perfect company for your writing.

SewIknit2 said…
Those are some pretty photos - I'm considering knitting in a soft icecream shade of pink, and your set of pictures has prompted me to go ahead! inspiration comes from all over, not just in the blog-words, keep doing what you are doing - blogging! I enjoy it all!
Happy knitting and happy LIVING
Sue x
Toffeeapple said…
It is good to know that the shop is doing well and that you are coming out of the fog.
Arianwen said…
I know what you mean about life changing, mine has changed out of all recognition from when I first started my blog. yet actually I think it makes for a more interesting reading blog ( both yours and mine).we are supposed to grow and change as our children get older and need us less we carve out new lives for ourselves.
Linda said…
Life changes, as the others have said, but that makes an interesting read. I regret deleting my old blog in a way but it didn't fit the new me anymore as life for me changed.
silverpebble said…
This post captures my feelings about my blog so perfectly. Mine has changed too and I have less time to post there and comment over at other peoples' places. It's unsettling in some ways and I miss the contact but the new stuation is a good one. I love making and I'm doing more of it than ever. Thankyou so much for writing this, Rebecca.
Shelley in SC said…
Life is all about evolution; isn't it? Shifting and changing and discarding and becoming. I love your style and love that as you move into different phases of your life you can still write about who you are and what your life is right here and now.

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