Life in colour

As I ran through the woods today I noticed brightly coloured primroses n
estling amidst the increasing greenery.

And then how very bright and green the fields are.

How yellow the daffodils seem right now.

And how pink the Suffolk cottages have suddenly become.

I am just loving these longer days, somehow we are eating later.

Playing longer.

Just doing more.

And suddenly the corners of the days are in colour once more. Glorious, light filled colour.

These pictures were taken in the very late afternoon, it seems so very long since there was any sort of picture taking light in the afternoons but somehow it has crept up on us. That precious golden pre-dusk sunlight.

We are skipping the light fantastic. Oh my, it feels good.


I like reading about the change in the seasons because we don't have it here where I am. Hope you will have another sunny day tomorrow too!
Toffeeapple said…
Allow me to skip with you, I am enjoying the longer days too. Lovely pics.
Jen said…
I so know how this feels..I feel like it all begins again in March..everything warmer, new and full of anticipation.
Am enjoying your blog. Look forward to following x
Country Girl said…
It is wonderful. isn't it? And lighter evenings start this weekend too.
It is lovely isn't it. I looked around the other day and realized everything had turned green and all he little sping flowers had popped up. Glorious. - annie
Annie said…
Loving the light, loving your rosy images :D
Jo's Corner said…
Beautiful words and beautiful pictures.
Kai said…
The promise of the coming summer with the light shining through the windows always makes me so happy. :)
The flowers are stunning.

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