And the rain came down

Every since our county was officially declared to be suffering from drought.

It has rained.

And rained.

Every so often the sun raises its head for the shortest time.

And then it rains some more.

So given all this rain, I know that you will be unsurprised to find me in the kitchen.  Last week I reached for my usual citrus mood lifters.  Marmalade Cake ticked all the buttons.

Then there was chocolate - cookies, Rockie Road.

And yesterday I got brave and tried a new recipe.  Chocolate chip and ginger biscuits.  

A buttery, almost shortbread like biscuit, studded with preserved stem ginger and shards of dark chocolate.  The ginger pieces are rendered slightly chewy in the baking.  

There is always a certain anxiety in breaking away from the favourites, the children are almost certain that my time and time again chocolate chip cookies cannot be bettered.  They prefer me not to stray.


Thankfully these biscuits were declared a success and as the recipe makes plenty there are enough for today's after school snack too.  Which might soften the blow that is to come - Beef Stew for dinner.  Because you just cannot please all of the people, all of the time.

The recipe came from 1 Dough, 100 Cookies (1 = 100)

Eeek Backstage Blogger went and changed!  I have broken links and things, will try to work through them but need to await some assistance from The Technical Advisor. 


dottycookie said…
My Smaller Small just said "Yummeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". I concur.
Ali said…
We've got stew for dins too - just waiting for the potatoes to cook for mash. Can't wait. Though a cookie for afters would enhance the meal...
dragonfly said…
No2 would wolf down thw stew and turn his nose up at the cookies. Weirdo.
(I'd wolf down both of course)
Bobo Bun said…
I love the sound of those cookies, chewy ginger - yum. I really have a bad case of the munchies tonight and have just worked through a tub of artichokes and ciabatta all before the chilli that's bubbling away. I blame it on this freezing miserable weather to make us all keep eating for warmth.
Willow said…
Mmmm, the chewy ginger sounds excellent right to search my cupboard for the candied ginger.
Gigi said…
Oh my, chocolate ginger cookies sound heavenly!
Jen Walshaw said…
Oh now they sound nice, my boys love ginger, so might have to give them a try
Thimbleanna said…
You're too funny -- I thought love of beef stew was mandatory there LOL. Those little cookies look wonderful. And I hope it rains and rains on you. And then some more (sorry). And then it will get it all out of it's system by late summer! ;-D
Suzanne said…
we have the same book and there are some terrific cookies in it!! The orange and cinnamon ones are amazingly delicious too.
Linda said…
Yum!! Love the look of those cookies. :)

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