Feather the nest

 If you saw the sorry state of the cushions in this house you might tell me to attend to my own soft furnishings before trying to persuade anyone else to buy them.

But I am hoping that adding pillows to the Handmade at Poshyarns range might inspire to me to run up a few for myself.


In the mean time I am able to enjoy looking at these soft pillowy piles of pristine new cushions upon my studio shelves.  I imagine them scattered generously upon plump sofas or propped invitingly in deep windowsills looking out to sea.

And as I daydream I can quite put out of my mind the tatty, dog hair covered cushions upon my sofa. 

Available now in my Etsy shop.


Anonymous said…
Hi! I bought some lovely items from your stall at the Lavenham farmers market on Sunday 27th - I bought 3 hearts and a lavendar pouch - anyway just want to say how much I love your products! I gave a couple of the hearts away as gifts which went down a treat! I've just discovered your blog and your photos are fantastic! Keep up the good work!
nicole said…
So cushy and lovely. You should definitely make some for yourself!
Lovely pillows!! I can totally relate! I make cute things for my shop, but my house could definitely use some cuteness!
Elizabeth said…
I can relate, except it's cat hair in my house. The couches are leather though, so they escape hair (but not claws) Do make some for yourself!
Anonymous said…
They are lovely cushions. You have made me realise my dog eared and dog haired ones here need to go! :)
They are perfect :D Exactly what I would buy if I didn't think the whippets would see their arrival as a challenge to scatter their filling across the room the moment my back was turned. We have given up on downstairs scatter cushions! Perhaps when I decorate my study :D
the Lady said…
These are beautiful- and I love the linen. They remind me of the farm sacks I saw at an old antiques store here in town. I hope you do put some of these little lovelies on your couch... I'm sure they'll make you so happy.

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