Slipping back in quietly


This space has been terribly neglected of late but as the sun returns to Suffolk I feel my tongue unfurl beneath its warmth and find myself reaching for my camera and my finding my words once more.

This weekend was the first to be work free in what felt like ages, I rejoiced in every moment; even those moments spent on my knees persuading weeds to part company with paving cracks.   Slow weekend breakfast is the very stuff of restoration - fluffy buttermilk pancakes, the first fresh raspberries of the year, salty butter and sweet maple syrup.  Washed down with orange juice and lashings of coffee.

I stayed at the table long after children and husband dispersed.  Sipping coffee and flicking the pages of a magazine and enjoying the sunlight dancing on the table.  It was heaven and three days later in the depths of another crazy week I still feel the benefits.




Ahhhh I feel very relaxed just reading this post. Nothing like a Saturday morning with nothing to do and nowhere to go.
Toffeeapple said…
And how good it was to see you holding your knife and fork properly. I am so happy to know that you enjoyed the whole experience.
Willow said…
There's nothing like having the sun shine down especially on a Saturday. Welcome back, words.
Frances said…
I know what you mean about having a certain sort of experience be so pleasant that it's available to revisit, and enjoy all over again.'ve reminded me about just how long it's been since I made pancakes. Thank you! xo
raining sheep said…
Sounds like such heaven. I have been working so much for what seems like forever and don't seem to have time for anything anymore...kind of sad really. I love pancakes! yours look so delicious...I keep meaning to buy a griddle.
That breakfast looks delicious, what a luxury to have raspberries for breakfast. - Annie
I feel hungry now, raspberry buttermilk pancakes, yum!

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