Still raining

Now let me tell you something surprising, I love traveling by myself.  Spending time in train stations and airports, moving quietly through those strange spaces, that odd feeling of time suspended within.  I find it restful.  The feeling of bustle and purpose, people moving here and there like busy ants.  I especially like the airports.  I love the feeling of having all I need packed in my bag and the freedom to sit and wait.  To read my book and watch the people.  I have fond memories of sitting quietly in airport lounges sipping coffee and feeling, for a little while, as though I am living someone else's life. 

I do not own a Kindle but if I was still commuting by train or living a jet set life I can quite see the advantage of having all those books in one little package.  So when I designed my Kindle case I knew that it would need a pocket.

Because there is very rarely a time when you don't need a pocket.

This pocket is perfect for a travel card or plane ticket, I would pop my passport in and maybe a bank card.  Keeping my essentials neatly to hand whilst waiting in queues and reading of love, murder and intrigue. I would feel comfortable knowing that once in my seat I had all that I needed right there, no need to disturb the person next to me by getting up to rummage overhead.  I would feel ready to go anywhere.

But back to Suffolk, where the rain still falls, the smell of wet dog is ever present in my house and Suffolk is as green as I have seen it.  Bluebells nod heavily in the damp, grassy woods and the rape grows tall and bright, its acid yellow shines bright and modern against the steel grey skies.  A thousand shades of green seem to light up the landscape and the blossom and content as I am, every so often I let my mind wander to an airport somewhere and all the possibilities.

The Kindle cases are available in my Etsy shop or Not On The High Street and many thanks to Tracy of the lovely Dragonflies blog for being my very first Kindle case customer and mentioning it so sweetly in her blog post here, here


Magic Cochin said…
I get a little nervous in airports and have to fight the sense of panic in those maze like queuing systems... I just have to tune out, knowing I will enjoy being in the place I'm going to.

Yes Suffolk is indeed transformed! The bluebells are taller than I've ever seen them and the greens so intense... Hockney shades of green! Our ancient female Yew tree has looked so sad for the past 2 years we thought she was maybe sick - but this week thousands of little pale green tufts of new leaves have appeared all over her tired branches... thank you rain!

dragonfly said…
It is lovely to read about your thoughts behind your design.

My beautiful case travels around the house with me, my Kindle tucked neatly inside. It even went on a small trip to Southampton at the weekend but I am really looking forward to a life of further afield travelling with it!

The green is very green here in London too. So much so, it took me quite by surprise this morning despite the grey, heavy skies.
dottycookie said…
It is many years since I was in an airport - a previous job required rather a lot of flying and I am very happy not to have to spend time travelling in that way now. But I can see what a boon a Kindle would be under those circumstances - and what a lucky Kindle to have such a gorgeous case.

Very very green here too - but if this keeps up much longer it will be green mould rather than green grass!
Anonymous said…
How about an iPad case?
Country Girl said…
I am very tempted as I have just got a Kindle (today in fact!) and think it definitely needs a case.
As for the smell of wet dog, I am no longer noticing it - I bet visitors to my house do though!
TA said…
Many, many kindles in use on the London commute. My beta iPad case is fitting in nicely. Time to make them for the other commuters now product testing is complete...
Ingrid said…
I love travelling by myself - don't get many chances to do it now, but am pretty keen on it.

I love my kindle, and use a lot when travelling. What I really need (not for travelling) is a lovely case for my super Benriner mandoline, with a pocket on the outside for the spare blades, finger protector, and my cut-resistant glove. I should be able to make on myself, but would happily buy it from someone (hint, hint).
Gina said…
I love airports and train stations too... I thought it was only me. And that beautiful case is just what my kindle needs!
Ali said…
I love travelling alone too. I'm always too absorbed in people watching to concentrate on my book though.

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