Oh Jolien

Remember Jolien? Did you wonder where she went? Well in fact, she was completed some weeks ago and has been worn a number of times but suitable photographic opportunities have been unavailable. However, the sun appeared today and The Technical Advisor was quickly urged to action with promises of tea and biscuits to follow.

Knitted in the oh so lovely Rowan Felted Tweed and quick at that.

I like the strange, collar/armband thing, details like these lift it from the ordinary, in my opinion. Not, however, in the opinion of The Technical Advisor. He "doesn't get" the collar, but then I didn't marry him for his fashion advice and thankfully he does have other qualities, there is all that "technical advice" for one thing.

I made the small size and the pattern is in the Rowan Studio Three book. I found I used more yarn than the pattern stated which resulted in a scary moment when I ran out of yarn and discovered there to be a vast, really gapingly vast, difference in dye lots. Thankfully my LYS angel of mercy raided her own stash of odd left over balls to find me an almost complete ball of the original dye lot. Yet more proof that knitters are the very nicest of people.

The fit is generous, I could possibly have sized it down a little although I am happy enough and it is unlikely that I would wear this sweater without layering it.


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