Spring greens

Spring is surely on the way, there was a little snow last night (sadly gone by morning) but the sun is climbing in the sky, the days are beginning to lenghten, the lambs are bleating and the world outside is beginning to look a little greener.

I am still working diligently on Ruby and all is well apart from the 3 lost evenings of knitting last week when I hit a snag. I lost my place and could not seem to get things right, I studied, I counted, I ripped, I studied, I counted, I ripped and so on, for THREE NIGHTS. On the fourth night I took up my knitting a little earlier than usual, perhaps the light was angled a little better, my head a little clearer, all became deafeningly obvious. I will say no more on the matter other than, it is time I had my eyesight checked......

I have mentioned previously that for the most part I practise knitting monogamy but of course there is usually a side project of socks, which everyone knows don't count as polygamy, just like sock yarn does not count as main stash. Socks are a special get-out clause you see, but of course you already know that. This time my side project is not a sock but a rather this simple feather and fan scarf.

This is Poshyarns Sofia 4ply cashmere, in Verdure and much too good for feet. This yarn made an appearance in this beret but the sizeable remainder has been languishing in a bowl. My eager anticipation of Spring encouraged me to cast on and the freshness of this colour is cheer itself, the very reminder of all that fresh new life that is on its way. I am looking forward to the sunshine and the leaves unfurling.

project 365, 04-03-2008

As I knit each row I am reminded of the blossom I will soon be enjoying, I look forward to sipping tea on my outside step, in between digging the sweet earth. I remember how good it is to be outside, breathing in the fresh air, how good it is to feel the sun on my face and I look forward to saying goodbye to these grey, dark days. So do hurry along now Spring, we are waiting, it is time.


Anonymous said…
Ah Good, Winter is finished, Springtime is coming.

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