Call yourself a knitter...

Yes indeed! It occurred to me that you might be forgiven for thinking that there is no knitting going on around here but my needles remain my near companions at all times and there are several projects on the go at the moment (I know, I know, I claim to be project monogamous with the exception of socks
but I have slipped a little). I will share my current projects soon, two of them are Habu which goes some way towards explaining why monogamy has failed me.

Before I update you on my current projects I want to show you what became of the Koigu Kersti.

The child's placket neck sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts (although some of the projects in this book require a laid back view of the term "last minute"). I loved making this sweater, it was a gift for my gorgeous godson and I had it in mind for a long time.

The Koigu came all the way from Purl Soho and was just heavenly to use, such lovely sheen and depth of colour, very pleasing to work with. This is the yarn recommended in the pattern but I had to work a little to get gauge which is unusual for me.

The sizing was tricky too. My godson is very much of the fast growing variety so I made it larger than I thought necessary however it is a perfect fit, with no growing room at all! A little annoying as I am one of those people who normally insists on insuring everything I make or buy for children includes plenty of growing room, my long sleeved knits are becoming a family joke. This is in spite of, or related, to the fact that I have vivid and painful memories of my school gaberdine coat which was too large for 5 years and suddenly not large enough for the last two years of school, when wet that coat quite literally almost drowned me.

I think I may knit this pattern again. I love that it is knit in the round, I love the raglan sleeves and I love the slightly old-fashioned feel to the neck styling.

I had a leftover skein of this yarn and was delighted to be able to send it to Kirsten of Assemblage who had admired the colour on Flickr, I think you will agree that she put it to excellent use, such a lovely partnership of stitch pattern and yarn, the pattern seems perfectly suited to the subtle variegations in the yarn.

I finally upgraded my template and from now on it should be much easier to edit my blogroll. I plan to keep it short and frequently changing so do keep an eye out for some new reads. Actually, what I mean to say is, I finally got around to asking The Technical Advisor to upgrade me!


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