Thursday, March 27, 2008

Springtime Scarf

Firstly I must thank everyone who has commented recently and apologise most effusively for not properly responding to your recent comments. A combination of Easter guests and school holidays are cutting seriously into my time, in the very nicest of ways, of course.

I am snatching some computer moments here to share my finished feather and fan scarf.

I am calling this my Springtime scarf, the vibrancy of the green and the light, softness of the yarn make me feel full of the joys of spring.

The clear, bright green brings the perfect seasonal update to my still very necessary winter knits in all their shades of grey, pewter and charcoal, I love the bright shock of the green against those muted shades.

However, the green brought me even more joy today when I tried it against my favourite dress of the moment. The combination of yellow and green looks so good in a daffodil so why not in an outfit? Perhaps not for everyone, but as I have mentioned before I am embracing eccentricity in my clothes with each advancing year and how can I fail to feel happy in this outfit?

Feather and fan patterned scarf in Sofia 4ply cashmere by the other Poshyarn. Glorious, soft yarn in vibrant, beautiful colour, a grand welcome to Spring indeed. Favourite dress by Toast.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colour cycle

project 365, 18-03-2008

This package of yarn arrived yesterday, gorgeous Koigu, Kersti crepe merino. I bought it on sale from Purlsoho and it is destined to become the child's placket neck pullover from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

These last few weeks I seem to have been craving colour, my flower vases are still regularly filled with bright, cheerful daffodils and I have been wearing more colour too, brighter scarves at my neck, less grey, black and brown, more blues and purples, greens and pinks.

I am looking forward to completing my feather and fan scarf, the green has been so invigorating to work with and I am eager to see how it will fit in my wardrobe.

Suddenly there seems to be colour appearing all over my virtual world too. There was the wonderful Green week which saw all shades of green appearing on lots of my favourite blogs. This combined with my green knitting made me wonder about my own reaction to colour. I think my own sudden need for certain colours might be a response to the changing of the seasons, the lengthening days, the change in light. This recent desire for colour comes after several months of enjoying silvers and greys, my daily wardrobe choices have frequently been shades of darkest charcoal through to palest silver white, colours that have been complimented by the light outdoors. Flowers in the house were mainly white until the daffodils arrived.

Ali, of Domesticali, mentioned that her affinity with colour seemed to change according to the seasons and I wonder if this is a widespread truth. Colour does seem to be appearing all over this virtual world or am I perhaps just suddenly noticing what has always been there?

The orange yarn arrived on Monday and later that day I came across Jane's post at Yarnstorm. My own desire for green is beginning to subside a little, now I want to see those greens combined with the colours of the blooms beginning to slowly appear outside. The yellow of the daffodils and forsythia soon to be followed by the bright, waxy colours of the tulips.

project 365, 19-03-2008

I wonder if my tastes will turn to softer florals once the apple blossom appears, the sun by now high in the sky, the days warmer, the colours becoming more bleached out?

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ruby update

Ruby continues to romp along. The main body is finished and for the most part made for very pleasurable knitting, the gentle rhythm of the cables caused me only one spot of trouble and those three nights of lost knitting turned out to be due to reader error! I really need to make an appointment with the optician.....

Ruby and I had a rather bigger disagreement when we reached the final welt increases on the main body. Try as I might I could not make the "kfb twice" increases into the previous row's "yarnover twice" increases without getting great big holes. I tried and tried some more (quite a few times more in fact), I googled, I read many, many of my various books and in the end I had to abandon the prescribed instruction and make out on my own with a creative sort of "yarnover once, kfb" on the first row. The increases look fine now, as far as I can tell, there is nothing glaringly obviously wrong with the way I have done it so fingers crossed.

I am now half way up the first sleeve and have reached that stage of knitting when I really, really want to wear the garment. The joy of process has been replaced by the urgent need to wear. Annoyingly I have a rather busy week coming up so I am not certain I will manage to bring this one in before Easter but I am going to try my darndest.

Flurina has finished her Ruby, go and take a look, beautiful, isn't it? I love the yarn she has used, it looks so soft and cosy.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


project 365, 08-03-2008

I am a fairly recent convert to tea drinking, I used to be a confirmed coffee drinker and only drank tea when accompanied by fine spread of cakes and sandwiches, preferably while relaxing somewhere in the West Country. However, over the last couple of years I have gradually converted. I still require a coffee in the morning and cannot really imagine starting the
day without my coffee. A strong espresso is still my "after dinner" drink of choice but the rest of the time I drink tea. Green tea in fact, I discovered along the way that I liked tea better without milk and especially Earl Grey with lemon, I remembered how as a student in London I loved the pots of Chinese tea we used to guzzle down with our cheap dishes of noodles or rice in the cafes dotted around the areas we lived in and began to experiment with different teas. I discovered, to my coffee loving surprise, that I really liked Green tea and now it is my daily staple. So thirst quenching and invigorating, so aromatically hot and wet. Still so good with cake.

Sadly, I rarely use a teapot and have yet not made myself a tea-cosy for our own family sized teapot. I think I should remedy this, I will keep an eye out for the perfect little teapot, I have a cozy in mind.

This cozy was a housewarming gift for friends, I included a Brown Betty, just in case.


Saturday, March 08, 2008

It seems that I am not alone in wishing for Spring but the forecast is not about to oblige us just yet and here in Wales we are already being battered by wind and rain, a little taste of what is yet to come apparently. The skies are bruised black and blue and the clouds move fast, sunshine one moment and darkest rain the next.

I am still chasing those odd moments of sunshine and yesterday's Project 365 images were taken in one of those bright moments.

I gave this little dog to The Technical Advisor some years ago (he is exceedingly difficult to buy for) and it normally sits by his desk. Unfortunately I have long since lost/misplaced the artist's card and cannot give it proper credit.

Made essentially of scrunched up wire but somehow full of character and charm and more than happy to have his photograph taken.

The same cannot be said of Oakley who is rather less keen on modelling.


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring greens

Spring is surely on the way, there was a little snow last night (sadly gone by morning) but the sun is climbing in the sky, the days are beginning to lenghten, the lambs are bleating and the world outside is beginning to look a little greener.

I am still working diligently on Ruby and all is well apart from the 3 lost evenings of knitting last week when I hit a snag. I lost my place and could not seem to get things right, I studied, I counted, I ripped, I studied, I counted, I ripped and so on, for THREE NIGHTS. On the fourth night I took up my knitting a little earlier than usual, perhaps the light was angled a little better, my head a little clearer, all became deafeningly obvious. I will say no more on the matter other than, it is time I had my eyesight checked......

I have mentioned previously that for the most part I practise knitting monogamy but of course there is usually a side project of socks, which everyone knows don't count as polygamy, just like sock yarn does not count as main stash. Socks are a special get-out clause you see, but of course you already know that. This time my side project is not a sock but a rather this simple feather and fan scarf.

This is Poshyarns Sofia 4ply cashmere, in Verdure and much too good for feet. This yarn made an appearance in this beret but the sizeable remainder has been languishing in a bowl. My eager anticipation of Spring encouraged me to cast on and the freshness of this colour is cheer itself, the very reminder of all that fresh new life that is on its way. I am looking forward to the sunshine and the leaves unfurling.

project 365, 04-03-2008

As I knit each row I am reminded of the blossom I will soon be enjoying, I look forward to sipping tea on my outside step, in between digging the sweet earth. I remember how good it is to be outside, breathing in the fresh air, how good it is to feel the sun on my face and I look forward to saying goodbye to these grey, dark days. So do hurry along now Spring, we are waiting, it is time.

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