Knitting in blue

The blue cardigan was finished in time for Tilly to wear at Christmas. It was so quick to knit and she seems to love wearing it, the soft fabric created by the squashy cashmerino envelopes her in comfort and calm. It looks great with jeans, thrown on after school and equally perfect with her blue party frock.

In fact this is the second time I have knitted this pattern. There was a pre-blog, baby sized version and for that reason the pattern holds a tender place in my heart, stirring distant memories of tiny knits, worn for just a few weeks and then outgrown. Invoking the memory of a baby asleep in my arms, that sweet smell, that sleepy smile. This one will fit a little longer I hope, I made the sleeves long (I always do, I'm one of those terrible mothers who insists on plenty of growing room) in the hope of its seeing another Christmas.

I did not actually follow the pattern for Mia from the Junior Knits
book but rather, a sized up version of the pattern entitled Lola in the Cotton Angora book. As far as I can see, they are the same garment. An adorable baby sized version of the pattern also appears in Special Knits

The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran was, as always, a pleasure to work with. I notice there is a little bobbling already but then this cardigan has already been bike riding, disco dancing, sticking and gluing, walking, running, jumping and cuddling. I think a little wear can be forgiven in those circumstances.

I didn't add the ribbon because I knew I would end up having to un-knot it on too many occasions but the little brooch works well.


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