Buttons and kindness

The little Sublime cardigan is finished. This was a pleasure to knit, the soya cotton is lovely and smooth, not too much of the splitting associated with cotton yarns and such beautiful drape.

I have no idea how it will wear or wash but it has already been to a party and survived to tell the tale.

I always knew which buttons would be adorning this knit.

I knew that these three little mother of pearl star buttons would be perfect. The buttons were sent to me by the lovely Anne, of We Three Create. Anne, is from my homeland of Northern Ireland and kindly sent me these buttons after I admired them on her blog. There is something very comforting about the way this community of blogging can connect us with like-minded people around the world. When I mentally visualise this I imagine a map of the world punctuated by little pictures of knitting needles and thimbles, very corny I know but it makes my heart swell with happiness to think of the women behind those needles, women around the world, women like me.

It is becoming harder to photograph this young lady, she has developed some very set ideas on poses..... I have to stand quietly by with the camera waiting and watching, hoping to catch her unaware.


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