Dipping my toe in

My gosh, it's grown very still and quiet in here! An un-intentional blog break- the presence of children, my father and for a short but precious while, The Technical Advisor rather got in the way of blogging. Easter is always one of my favourite breaks, two glorious weeks of not having to rush about in the mornings getting ready for school and that long bank holiday weekend with a family dinner and without the pressure that Christmas brings with all it's shopping...

The weather has been mixed but the good days have been splendid, we even managed to picnic by Llyn Geirionydd last week, action man took a raft out on the icy cold water but the rest of us just watched and the braver amongst us dipped their toes into the clear waters.

It was very sad to say goodbye to The Technical Advisor last week and my Dad left a day later, they seemed to take the sunshine with them and the weather turned grey and dark however my mood was lifted by the incredible gift I received from the lovely Flurina.

I first came across Flurina when knitting Ruby, her Ruby was the very first one to appear in our virtual world and of course, if you pick the same patterns to knit then you must be on similar wavelengths. Flurina is another example of how very, very nice knitters can be, she promised me a pick-me-up from Switzerland and I really cannot imagine a better pick-me-up.

I was absolutely blown away when I opened up the parcel with its exciting overseas stamps and found this scarf. So beautifully knitted and exactly the sort of scarf I love, light and drapey, warm but airy enough to wear indoors too. Clever Flurina matched my red beret and nail polish perfectly and I just cannot find the words to say thank you properly. How did she know that every time I put my beret on and fasten up the red buttons of my coat I sigh and wish that I had made a scarf to match! Well, I guess the fact that we both knitted the same pattern is a clue, we are cut of a similar cloth.

And the chocolates? Well, I don't need to tell you how very, very good those chocolates were. I let the children look, not touch, not even smell. I ate every single one myself, slowly and decadently, whilst picturing a snowy corner of Europe the lovely knitter who lives there, I thought how nice it would be sit and have coffee and discuss knitting patterns and how much we would have to talk about.

Thank you Flurina, thank you.


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