Loving linen

I have always had a soft spot for linen, especially Irish linen of course. I really don't mind the creasing, I think it adds to its charm. I
n it's natural shades I find it soothing and calm. In the past I have painted walls in pale linen shades, I have linen covered sofas, which where far too large to fit into this little house and have been languishing in a storage container for longer than I care to think about but I dare not get rid of them because one day I may live somewhere larger or at least with larger door and window frames and those sofas will be perfect. I know that I will not have tired of their look and the wonderful thing about ecru coloured linen is that it is so very accommodating. It is very happy paired with rich chocolate or palest blue, chintzy prints or bold and modern, it will always be polite and compliment whatever hue you care to throw at it.

I have been sewing with linen a lot of late, various gifts and items of clothes. Tilly has been wearing the little navy smock top such a lot that I thought there should be another, this one a little lighter, more spring like. No embroidery, just a bias trimmed pocket and armholes, trim chosen by herself of course. I made this one quite long thinking it might be nice with leggings too.

Tilly's favourite part is rummaging through the button jar to select the right button.

These smocks are cut with such a lot of swing that hemming can be rather tricky but I came across the perfect solution on the Oliver & S blog: a hem facing. It gave me the excuse to use a bit more of that dotty print and it gives such a lovely, clean finish.

And of course it is rather nice to get a little glimpse of it now and again.


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