Knit one, repeat

There was one of these made once before, way back in September 07. Two years later, that sweater is no longer over-sized but small and well worn. It has seen a great deal of wear, been on several sleepovers and cub camps and became the essential bedtime sweater. A sort of substitute dressing gown, it has been thrown over pyjamas on chilly mornings and even worn to bed during some of those very cold winter nights.

Dylan liked to keep it handy at all times and its being indisposed in the washing basket was always unpopular.

When packing for the move Southwards I decided, in a fit of ruthlessness, that this old sweater needed to move on, be liberated. I feared recriminations but it was not mentioned once, all through the summer. Until late August that was. The night we decided to let the children stay up late, light the chiminea and gaze at starry skies. That sweater was exactly the sort of thing to wear, so much more comforting than a hoodie. I had to own up and I felt bad, very bad.

So yarn was hastily ordered and The Weasley Sweater, mark II was begun. This time I used a less luxurious, but somehow more Weasley like, yarn from New Lanark Mill. This is such a pleasing yarn, nice and heathery, ecconomical and very woolly (I know, you know what I mean by that!). During a mid-knit fitting the fabric was proclaimed a little scratchy but thankfully he seems happy to over look the scratchiness and indeed I think it may have softened after blocking.

Let me tell you a funny story about the knitting of this. As I sped my way up the front of the pattern I held the garment up for The Technical Advisor's admiration (which is all too often a "very nice dear" without actually looking), luckily on this occasion he did look and followed up his "very nice dear" with "how come your doing this one with an H". To which I responded with a shriek and a curse and promptly started ripping back.

So there it is, finally. A Weasley Sweater, with a D for Dylan, knitted according to the pattern found in the very useful Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter.


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