Just a dress

These children of mine will keep growing. Tilly seems to sprout up quite literally overnight on occasion so more clothes were definitely required.

Thankfully she is still happy to wear the things I make, I know there will probably come a time when this will most certainly not be the case but for the moment I am so glad she lets me indulge myself.

She does have more and more input these days. There must be fabric and pattern consultation and all too often her wishes are rather unrealistic (there is a limit to how much tulle and sequin a girl can wear don't you think?) but sometimes we are perfectly in tune. This time it needed to be just a dress, a dress to play in, a dress to read in, a dress to run and jump in. Just a dress.

I knew she would love this babycord the moment I saw it and thankfully she picked the ribbon that I had my fingers crossed for.

We both agreed that the dress needed a little embellishment and she did a great job of choosing the felts for the flower.

The pattern was easy to choose, I steered her firmly in the direction I wanted to go on and she was persuaded by promise of speed, after all we had agreed on "just a dress."

Such a simple pattern and I have made it several times over. Yes, this dress is a little on the large side but I daresay one of those overnight growing sessions is just around the corner.

The pattern comes from a well thumbed Japanese Craft book, ISBN4-579-11054-4
and I have made it a number of times, the very first version was way back here
and looks so very tiny now.


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